6 Great New Collections from iCLIPART.com and iPHOTOS.com

"I spend all day thinking of shopping. I love the thrill of finding that wonderful, perfect thing, the feeling of your heart racing because it's so right."

Okay, Mindy Grossman might be a little over the top with this sentiment, but I do relate. If given the option of doing just about anything, or go shopping, I will most probably choose the latter. Especially when it comes to fashion. Not the stereotypical footwear; I'd rather be barefoot. But when it comes to clothes, and to an extent earrings, I can't have enough.

By now, my hubby has arrived at eye-rolling acceptance of the over-stuffed closet, while friends and family are well aware that when they see me, it's likely I'll be wearing something new.

Perhaps it can be blamed on genetics. My mother probably added a new item to her wardrobe on a weekly basis. My father always teased that she had nothing to wear and three closets to put it in.

Oddly, this habit is a contradiction of self perception. I don't like to consider myself materialistic. I came of age when peers were shucking off unnecessary accoutrements in a fight against the establishment. Young people decked out in bell bottoms and tie-dye, bare feet or moccasins were moving to communal farms with vegetable gardens and free roaming chickens. Or to city streets, living in lodgings with mattresses on the floor as the only furniture.  Focus then was not on what was owned but on  what could be done with a simple life.

So, occasionally, as that one more sweater is being purchased,  there's a moment of chagrin, a momentary nostalgia for the girl I was.

But then comes recognition that some values remain. Clothes admittedly are my weakness. There's something about putting on a new outfit that makes me happy. However, I'm not compelled to have the best of everything, to acquire stuff because my neighbour has it.

Let's be honest, we all like new things. The freshness, the uniqueness, the novelty can be irresistible.

All good reasons why updating the content on our websites is as important to us as it is to people seeking out images for their personal or business projects.  We know that new has great appeal and offers opportunities to for innovative design.

Here then are some of the newest collections added to iCLIPART.com  and iPHOTOS.com

iCLIPART.com New Collection

iCLIPART.com New Collection

iCLIPART.com New Collection

iPHOTOS.com New Collection

iPHOTOS.com New Collection

iPHOTOS.com New Collection


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