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It was a quiet summer evening when I first saw her.  On a  bicycle jaunt around town I happened down a street I'd never been on before and there she stood. Though a little old, a little tired, even a little plain, there was something proud, almost majestic in her bearing.  I felt a connection and decided then and there that I needed to get to know her a bit better.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Way, way back in 1980, my husband and I were the proud owners of a nice little piece of property on a town street across from a conservation park and backing onto farmland. The plans were done and we hoped to start building soon.  Everything changed, however, when the aforementioned meeting occurred.

The fateful bike ride that evening took me past a wonderful old house on a tree-lined street across town, that just happened to be for sale. The friend riding with me, knew a bit about the place and said it was priced low. An elderly gentleman, who was a friend of her parents, had lived there before moving into a retirement facility, so the house had sat empty and neglected for the past two years.

Enchanted by this old relic, and teased by the notion that here was a place we could move into almost immediately, rather than wait for a new build, I rushed home to tell my hubby we should take a look. Arrangements were made for a visit the next day and the stage was set for a love/hate relationship that has lasted close to 40 years.

Entering the front door the first time, this starry-eyed newlywed saw a house meant for family. Tall ceilings, an impressive staircase with a railing that could only have been intended for sliding down, bedrooms galore and a spacious country kitchen painted daydreams of a home full of life and love.  That the decor was not just dated, but couldn't possibly ever have been fashionable, that the floors sloped and the plaster was cracked didn't matter a whit. It was love at first sight and everything was perfect.

My husband, who recognized the work facing him if we bought this ramshackle abode was captivated by the property with the majestic maples in front and the backyard abutting the school grounds. Our kids, he noted, wouldn't even have to cross the street to get there.

An offer was submitted and accepted. We moved in and those first few months were heady times, with all the excitement a young couple will have for their first home. That, however, got old fast. I wouldn't say the love affair has ended exactly, but the rose-coloured glasses are definitely off.  The renovations began almost immediately and have been ongoing ever since as time and money have allowed my poor partner to get the job done.

Most recently, I've set him on the task of  gutting the old back kitchen and its upstairs counterpart. The plan decades ago had been to renovate them as a family room and fifth bedroom respectively with an additional bathroom. Four children grown and gone, a bundle of adorable grandchildren later, the dream is finally being realized. Not that we need the space, but, we hope we are creating a place that some other young family will fall in love with in the future.

Summer inspires home renovations and construction. Roofs are being replaced, decks and additions are being constructed and new builds are underway. Carpets are being ripped out and new floors laid.

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