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In social media's trending world there are hashtags for every day of the week. Probably the most popular for today, Thursday, inspires people to post a "Throwback" photo — an opportunity to roll back time's film and share some charming, or not so charming pictures of anything as long as they were taken before today.

Then we have #ThirstyThursday, the prelude to Friday night's traditional weekend 'wine-down'. Popular with college students fortunate enough to not have early morning Friday classes,  it provides an excuse to get the party started.  As if life on campus required justification for alcohol consumption and socializing.

Of course, there is also #Thursdate, an Instagram favourite, which I suspect needs no explanation. Can't say I've ever been a participant here. Date night at our house is Friday and I'm fairly certain pictures of my guy and I sipping beer and wine, scarfing pizza and watching a movie while munching popcorn wouldn't be images anyone was interested in seeing anyway.

All harmless, all fun in their way. For today though my focus is on #ThursdayThoughts, an opportunity to spread some wisdom. The notion of sharing inspiration is so popular it actually has its place every day in social media with messages for #MondayMotivation, #TransformationTuesday, #WisdomWednesday, etc. coming our way courtesy of posts on a variety of websites.

We all have thoughts. Impossible not to. I spend a lot of time thinking to be honest. Not necessarily about anything particularly worthy or brilliant. Just thinking.

Introspective by nature, my mind frequently fills with thoughts as I look inward to my emotions, views and feelings.  My ruminations, too, extend to outside influences and ideals — the actions and reactions of others — and how they affect those around them. While my views on controversial subjects might lead to an instinctive, decisive response initially, once given time to ponder shades of grey will overtake the sides of black or white.

Words of motivation or wisdom do tend to inspire me, therefore. At least until they're lost in the morass of nonsense that pours itself down upon us with regularity.  Then I must dig down and try to bring them back. There are phrases that fill my mind during times of contemplation or meditation. For example, paraphrasing Buddha: What I think, I become.

When my children have needed bucking up for one reason or another, I've often fallen back on the old adages  (All good things must come to an end.", "Absence makes the heart grow fonder.".. ) . When these were met with eye rolls I was swift to point out while these sayings might be banal and trite they exist for a reason.  That they lack freshness is a result of the fact that their truth has been proven over centuries.

It seems that everywhere we turn these days people are looking for spiritual, emotional and mental guidance.  Self-help books promise to bring us to the best me we can be. Motivational speakers strive to  point us in the right direction, to focus our energies and minds towards our goals. Inspirational quotes posted throughout social media might just reinforce wisdom often lost amidst life's turmoil.

I know I appreciate the reminders that come my way when I see examples of the latter posted on Facebook et al.  The thoughts they share should be quite obvious. Yet,  a gentle prod to push them out of the chasm of where common sense is hiding is occasionally necessary.

Needless to say I was quite excited to discover some thoughtful words of wisdom in various image collections at iCLIPART.com and iPHOTOS.com.  Check them out and find your inspiration for every day of the week:

iCLIPART.com Clipart with Inspiring Quotes

iPHOTOS.com Inspirational Quotes

iPHOTOS.com Inspiring Quotes

iPHOTOS.com Inspiring Quotes on Nature Photos


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