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A big square box. This was how our older daughter described our home as a  teen. Through those oh-so-jaded eyes our century-old Italianate was severely lacking in personality.

While I couldn't argue that the lines weren't simple and the details minimal, it was the character and charm of the interior that had captivated me. Trim, such as nothing you'd ever find in a house today, a spacious country kitchen and lots of bedrooms had me thinking very little about curb appeal when we decided to buy it.

This memory comes as lately houses have been getting a lot of attention in our family. It starts with our younger daughter and her husband. They are persistently on the lookout for a forever home — something that will meet the needs of their growing family. With things like closet space for example.

Their current abode is a post-First World War dwelling, with homey front porch, gabled attic and tall windows. It too has all of the solid wood trim that my husband and I found so attractive in our house.

But it's small in stature and short on storage.  It was with the arrival of their first child two years ago, and the accompanying essential accoutrements that the search for spacious began.  Since their heart is with their first home together, though, it's been a reluctant hunt.  It's not long after one catches their eye that they find a reason not to change their mind it seems.

Our two sons on the other hand have recently bought new houses, without any looking back. The older, suddenly single after 12 years of marriage, is thrilled with the easy maintenance of his new condo. While the interior is basic, the exterior is an impressive architectural gem which at first appearance looks like a massive Victorian. That is until you happen to notice there are four front doors.

When it comes to getting attention for curb appeal, however, props will go to our younger son. While he had looked at a variety of places in a variety of styles — from vintage ranches to charming Tudors, he and his fiancĂ©e opted for a quirky cottage-style structure built into a hill. A rolling front lawn features pretty landscaping (incorporated we suspect to avoid mowing), while jutting balconies offer vantage points from the house. Though the front door is tucked down beneath the main part of the building, wooden stairs and decking wind around the house to a back patio for those who prefer a scenic route.

Asked to come and give it a once over and our opinion, my husband and I noted that it suited them perfectly, though figuratively shaking our heads at its impracticality.  What would be deal breakers for us, however, were nothing for a couple searching for a great starter, solid but with personality.

Returning home, the realities of the very different types of homes our children have chosen (our other daughter lives in a rambling split-level on 25 acres) sparked some conversation. What we found interesting is that it's the child who is the most artistic, the most free-spirited, the most unique, who has fallen in love with an old traditional house full of closed spaces and large baseboards. She was the art deco girl, the girl who yearned for a city loft or sleek condo.

Conversely,  we would have been less surprised by her older brother being in a log cabin in the country than in a new build with a row of houses tight beside him all looking the same.  Then again, we also thought that the one who chose quirky would find himself an old Victorian with turrets and porches.

And finally there's our older girl whom I always believed would be in a brand new house. I'm still pretty sure I got this one right, though.  I'd bet the farm that some day that split level with be coming down in favour of a spiffy new open-concept bungalow.

So given all of this I'm thinking that perhaps the saying you don't choose your house, it chooses you is accurate.  It might not be the style you've always thought your wanted, it might lack some of the amenities you thought you needed. What it is though,  is home,  and you know it the moment you walk in the door.

With this thought in mind here are some great home sweet home clipart collections:

iCLIPART.com House Illustrations

Clipart.com House Illustrations


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