Photoshop Tutorials to Dress Up Your Halloween Invites and Other Projects

It was a glorious Thanksgiving long weekend — one of those sometimes autumn stretches in Canada that lift spirits. Temperatures were unseasonably balmy, but not so hot that the bugs were out and about, or that humidity made everybody uncomfortable.

The colourful collage of changing foliage, the sky's pretty azure blue and the brilliant blaze of the sun were the perfect combination to celebrate a day intended for gratitude and counting one's blessings.

Since our large family gathering was on the Sunday, which I'll get to later, my husband and I had a break on Monday to appreciate the sun and warmth in quiet ways, beginning with a hike in a nearby forest, followed by some reading on the deck, then ending with wine and friends.

It was welcome respite given that the previous day was rather more active as our brood of four and their families made it home for turkey and trimmings. Busy,  of course, but so very gratifying. There was laughter and love as well as plenty of chatter.

With five of six grandchildren, aged five and under, a lot of that of course found its way several times to another fall holiday, one that definitely delights little ones. Halloween will be here before we know it and the moms at our gathering had much to say about
the requests for costumes. From unicorns to Wonder Woman, from Peppa the Pig to pirates, ideas were thrown out as they each tried to help the others find the most economical way to fulfil their offsprings' dress-up dreams.

There are still plenty of days for my kids to get the final word on what each boy and girl wants to be,  to find inspiration on various websites and to create something that  meets the approval of these tiny critics. Yet signs of the imminent arrival of  these magical characters, as well as ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks,  are all around. They will only increase now that Thanksgiving's behind us.

Halloween really is a visual event. The creepy countenances of carved jack-o-lanterns, wispy tendrils of ghostly apparitions,  creepy skeletons suspended from invisible strings create eerie vignettes on porches as they await the visits of tiny trick-or-treaters.  There are the terrifying masks and assorted costumes depicting everything from pooches to princess, that are displayed in retail outlets.

From decorated homes and storefront windows, to promotional materials and classroom activities, ghostly themes and spooky designs are in the the minds of parents, merchants, teachers and tiny tots.

These are the images that inspire the occasion. And for folks who like to play in Photoshop there is always a variety of fun tutorials out there that will inspire some Halloween magic. Whether it's a graphic element to serve as a starting point, a photo alteration or a creepy background to which you can add text for ads, flyers or posters,  there are many ideas online.

With the holiday being so visual parties are among the activities that are enjoyed so invitations and decorative elements can also be created with a little help from Photoshop. There's absolutely no reason to fear you won't be able to find something to raise the bar on scary.

Here's a one-stop shopping guide to some terrific tutorials. You're guaranteed to find something that will dress up your Halloween projects:

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