Add Charm to your Holiday Greetings With Delightful Animations

Animation Image of a Christmas Candles Glowing in a Window
A gentle snow is falling, laying another layer onto the soft, fluffy blanket covering our sleepy landscape. Nights spent by cosy fireplaces indoors are brightened by the glow of winter white outside.  If there was anything that could inspire the Christmas spirit in these final countdown days it's this picturesque  wonderland.

Trees are glowing, lights are twinkling. Yet, much remains to be done to get ready for the holidays. There are less than two weeks left to finish up the multitude of tasks that are part and parcel of the preparations for the festive season.  There are gingerbread houses to be made and cookies to be baked. There are presents to be bought and wrapped.  Parents are scurrying,  minds full of thoughts, arms full of purchases, as they tick off items from their lengthy lists.

Of course, too, with few spare moments in a day, there are long lines to wait in as little ones are anxious for their chance to whisper in Santa's ear.

Though Dec. 25 is still a little ways off, the parties and gatherings have already begun. From workmates to friends and extended families, everyone has social events to attend as part of the holiday celebrations.

Such a wonderful, crazy time of year.

One of things I've done to lighten the load a bit, and to put my money to better use, is replace the annual Christmas card with an e-Greeting. The cash I save is donated to charity and the message delivered is no less heartfelt.  With the wonderful images you can find online to decorate your greeting, it's sure to be attractive and suitable for the season.

While you can set just about any tone with a static image — from formal and elegant to chipper and cute, there's another option that really puts some Christmas magic into your holiday messages or your website design. Images, such as those found on AnimationFactory infuse your work with life and colour.  And the choice is as diverse as with any clipart. Here are just a few suggestions:

Animation Image of an Elf Building a Toy

If you think you're busy, imagine how hectic it is at the North Pole these days. Adorable elves would add just a touch of fun to your mailings.

Animation Image of Santa Having a Drink

Nothing expresses the joy of giving and the magic of the season like jolly old St. Nicholas.

Animation Image of a Reindeer With Christmas Lights Tangled in its Antlers

Santa's reindeer always bring delight to the faces of youngsters and truly convey the wonder of imagination.

Animation Image of a Lighted Christmas Tree

The beautifully decorated trees that warm our homes during the holiday season represent life.

As said, these are just a few examples to be found at AnimationFactory Besides animations the website also offers video backgrounds, sounds and power clipart. Wonderful variety for this wondrous time of year.


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