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390 Illustrations of Children and Snow

Finally, Friday! Tonight after work people head to various destinations to unwind in various ways as they celebrate two days intended to be all their own. Regardless, of the many household tasks that often fill that time, there's always something to look forward to — whether it's enjoying a night out with friends, a visit from loved ones or just some gosh darn peace and quiet. There's going to be nothing relaxing about my next two days. Yet, there will be plenty of fun. Tonight my husband and I are heading off to pick up two of our grandbabies.  Because of the distance that separates us, our daughter and I made a decision when the first was born that her children would come for a visit one weekend a month so Grandma and Papa's house is a warm and familiar place. As it should be and would be if they lived closer. It's been a wonderful plan. My guy and I look forward to the next visit as soon as the first is over.  Tired our bodies might be at that point, but

1,400 Photos of Peaceful Interior Spaces

Even the most positive people hit a funk from time to time. Feeling a little off physically, worry and stress, or disappointment can insinuate themselves into life, then challenge us to rise above it all. For me, the funk can happen pretty much any given day in winter. Besides despising all the bundling required, the shovelling (well, watching my husband shovel), the slippery sidewalks, the blustery drives, I need summer's sunshine. As a SAD sufferer, I struggle through winter, eager to get to the other side. With today being yet another grey, snowy morning,  positive thoughts weren't succeeding in lifting my spirits much. As I plowed through snow, feet placed carefully lest ice lie beneath,  my path took me past the door of an older couple's home. I was instantly surprised by a strange thought — how nice it would be to stop in there and hide for a bit. No one would know where I was. I could just be still and quiet. Well, provided the owners of the house didn't mi

Tips for Compositing in Photoshop

Outside the wind is howling, blowing the trillions of fluffy flakes from the sky and where they lie. A winter storm is raging, turning the landscape a bland white under a canopy of dreary grey. Home from work, I push in through the door, doffing the armour that protected me against the driving snow and biting temperatures.  Supper in the oven I hurtle towards my comfy chair, wineglass in hand, afghan clutched in the other. I take this brief interlude to warm the bones and hide from the reality of what's going on outside. As the chill eases and the wine relaxes, I let my mind wander to places of warmth and sunshine — summer at the beach,  walking around car shows while feeling the heat of the sun soothing my shoulders,  hearing the call of the loons at the beautiful French River.  If only for a brief time it's a welcome escape. Too bad we can't put ourselves into another place as easily as we can into a photograph with Photoshop.  Compositing is a fun way to transf

1,600 Adorable Winter Cartoons

We knew we weren't going to be lucky enough to have him visit sporadically — as he has been doing. We knew that he felt a sense of entitlement to come and stay for a few months. And we knew that meant he was going to show up, with all of his baggage,  and linger, probably far longer than he should. With only a couple of quick passes through the area before the new year, Old Man Winter has decided the time has come to hang around for a while. He blew in  Sunday and has since given us nothing but the full force of the worst of his personality.  He has huffed and puffed,  stormed and squalled. He has pelleted us with, first rain, then ice, now snow. Certainly we were due. The unseasonable warmth and lack of the fluffy white stuff was perfection for his haters, but we knew it had to end. The sudden onslaught of a three-day spree, however, replete with whiteouts, icy roads and bone-chilling cold is a bit of a shock to the system. We had become a bit complacent, I fear, and most

3 Collections of Music-Themed Backgrounds

Choosing a theme for these posts every day is typically inspired by something that happens or is about to. Tying that in to the purpose is where the challenge begins for me. There are days when a particular bit of news you hear in the morning, though,  can affect you in such a way that for a time it consumes your thoughts. It can happen as a result of a horrible tragedy, a shocking story or one of senseless loss.  It can make it difficult to focus on the routine parts of life, at least until the shock eases. The untimely passing of some famous individuals can also have a profound effect on us. These are the ones whom you feel, despite their celebrity, are actually good people and in possession of a talent worthy of admiration. This morning, hearing about the passing of the incomparable musician, artist and actor, David Bowie, I felt a true sense of loss. Still a teenager when introduced to Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, I was fascinated by the man and his music. Through the years