Friday, February 5, 2016

8,000 Romantic Photos

Ah, romance. Admit it. You like it. Even if you think you don't.

I've always maintained that if you say you don't,  it's because you don't want the pressure of being romantic, or you think it  costs an inordinate amount of cash to do so.

Because, as far as being on the receiving end of a little romantic gesture, what, I ask, is not to like?

When I first met my guy, it didn't take long to realize that the concept of romance was way outside his comfort zone.  Growing up in a boisterous farm family, comprised primarily of boys, and with a mother who worked like a Trojan, there wasn't much tutelage in matters of the heart.  This group was more prone to practical jokes than sweet talk.

Early on, I caught a glimpse of a sensitive side. So I wooed him to the world of romance with tiny gestures — a message in his lunchbox, a surprise night at a charming B&B, a picnic in the country.  And since he saw how easy it was and noticed it was quite enjoyable to be on the receiving end,  it wasn't long before little treats started to come my way too.

What was really fun was that he actually grasped the practice quite well and understood that a little appreciation for one's partner didn't require something grand or expensive.  For example, he frequently worked away from home for long spells. On the morning after he left for the week, I would wake to find some little message from him, usually in the form of music — a mixed tape of songs with a note attached to explain the theme, or instructions to start the CD player, which was set to a meaningful song.

He has drawn me a bubble bath and fetched the glass of wine and my book for me to enjoy while soaking. He has picked wildflowers for me, cooked for me, cleaned for me. None of this has cost him much, but sure means the world to me.

Of course, I'm still rather fond of a little splurge from time to time. And with Valentine's Day just over a week away, there's no time better. From messages and symbols to chocolates and flowers, these photo collections bring a variety of romance your way:

ClickArt Online

Thursday, February 4, 2016

100 Valentine's Day Images Perfect for Children

Valentine's Day is 10 days away. While it's commonly thought of as a celebration of romance, there is a group that loves to participate too, despite lacking any real knowledge of matters of the heart.

Kids take great delight in sending and receiving Valentines. Even now, several decades later, I remember creating special containers in the primary grade craft sessions to hold the messages I'd receive from classmates.

I remember the little boxes and books of cards my mom would purchase and the time spent painstakingly deciding which sentiment I could express to whom.  Since teachers were insistent that no one be left out to avoid any hurt feelings,  one had to be careful not to send the wrong message to an icky boy.

I remember making special Valentines for our parents, cutting out vibrant construction paper hearts to be glued on doilies, upon which we scribbled a sweet sentiment in crayon.  Or drawing on folded cards beneath silly puns provided by the teacher.

Nowadays, with incredible graphics available online for use in all kinds of projects, finding starters to illustrate a child's card, in part or in whole is a breeze.  It also enhances their learning as you teach them how to navigate the websites and use clipart in physical products.

Here for today then are some collections of Valentine graphics perfect for youngsters. If there's a particular one you like, you will be able to see more from the same artist by clicking the View  Entire Collection link at the right of the image.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

1,100 Terrific Valentine's Day Ad Starters

Back in a previous lifetime, I worked in the print media industry. When I started, first as a reporter for our local community newspaper just over  a half century ago,  it was the era of cut and paste.  Great books of clipart were the go-to for graphic elements in advertisements.

Though the editorial department relied more on cameras than clipart to accompany news and features, there were occasions when an illustration was needed to add some visual interest to an article.

I remember lugging stacks of mammoth books over to the desk, then flipping page after page in the hope of finding just the right image to accompany the story.

It could be a time-consuming effort for sure with often unsatisfying results. Deadlines in journalism loom and time therefore is precious. If you don't find what you're looking for quickly, having any amount of time to actually be creative was minimal.

Advertising seemed to fare better as their usage of the books had them more familiar with the content. They had a better idea, therefore of where to look.

However, both sides were thrilled when technology reached the point where the content from these books became accessible online. Rather than flip through endless pages, one could simply go to the website, put in a keyword or two and isolate suitable images.  Finding what we needed had just gotten easier.

Knowing that the search is on these days for Valentine's Day, I decided to do a little scoping myself to find some terrific ad starters for promoting that special day. Here's a great collection from

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

15 Romantic Valentine's Day Photoshop Tutorials

Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away. Thus the time is here to start thinking about personal projects and promotions for lovers and the besotted.

The notion of putting a little romance in the middle of a long winter is worth celebrating. While there are those who consider Feb. 14 no different than any other day, the majority of people put at least some effort into acknowledging their feelings for that special someone. It can take on many forms, from the simple card to the more contrived gesture. It can cost nothing or a fortune.

Some of the more ambitious will come up with something inspired and personal, from creating their own  card to writing a love song. These are the personal projects that take some time.

Businesses too will be thinking about Valentine's Day long before it arrives. When I was working at the newspaper years ago, it was evident that this time of year began another advertising boon after the post-Christmas drought.  Retailers who had hung on tightly to their advertising dollars in January,  finally had a reason to talk about  exciting items that would entice people to spend money. The trick was to get the word out, and with the creation of a  great ad, help the uninspired find the perfect expression of love.

Graphic designers can access any number of great ad starters to create the type of impact they want. On occasion, however, when time allows, designing your own can be the best way to get the result you want.

So, for Tutorial Tuesday, here are some awesome projects, perfect for whether you're promoting your commercial enterprise or yourself:

Create a Chocolatey Valentine's Day Card

Create a Valentine's Day Heart Background

Create a Greeting Card for Valentine's Day With Glossy Hearts

Create an Elegant Valentine's Day Card With Ornamental Heart

Valentine's Day Hearts

Valentine's Day Wallpaper

Photoshop Manipulation for Valentine's Day

Chocolate Text Effect for Valentine's Day

Create a 3D Text Effect for Valentine's Day

Create a Stylized Valentine Poster

Valentine's Day Photo Manipulation Project

Festive Background for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Photoshop 3D Text Card

Valentine's Day Card

Love Rose Text

Monday, February 1, 2016

4 Photo Collections of People on the Job

Another Monday, another morning. In every town, in every neighbourhood, people opened their eyes to a new work week, to another day back at the grind in its various formations. They headed out to jobs on main street, on the road, in offices and factories, or home.

Occupations today are as diverse as the people comprising the workforce.

A daily trivia game broadcast from a favourite radio station at our office, often prompts discussion among my colleagues and I. Representing diversity in age, from Babyboomer to Millennial,  it's interesting to note the differences in how we view many aspects of life, as well as acknowledge the traits of a generation.

For example, a recent trivia question suggested that the average woman would do something about 16 times over the course of her life.  While our guesses ranged from change a hairstyle to diet (the right answer),  the baby among us suggested change jobs. Given that I, of all of us, have spent the most time on this earth yet had the least number of jobs, it's little wonder that I initially thought the answer was outrageous.

Then I took some time to think about the young people I know and recognized that things are different now.  I read some time ago it's expected that today's young worker will have 10 careers before they retire.  Dissatisfaction in what they're doing, new opportunities, changing interests, or simply one thing leading to another will take them on several employment paths through the course of their lifetime.

Very different from my generation, and most definitely from the generation before mine. While I've only worked at four jobs, from his late teens until retirement my father worked in the same occupation, the only change being the move from employee to employer.  That he might change his vocation never crossed his mind.

Regardless of generation though,  of how and where we work,  careers take on many faces. To start a new work week here are some great occupation photos:

Acclaim Images

ClickArt Online