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Tips for Taking Great Easter Egg Hunt Photos

Ah, the Easter egg hunt —  and the images it summons. Angelic faces alive under a soft spring sun. Yellow and white wicker baskets laden with eggs decorated in vibrant hues and gentle pastels. The racing, the giggles, the excitement are moments meant to endure. Our photo albums are packed with pictures like this, years of Easters celebrated with little ones. When my children were small, the hunt took place in the afternoon after church.  Some of the pictures capture the feeling and fun of the occasion perfectly. So indelible are they that when I think about those times years ago, I immediately visualize these shots. There is our mischievous youngest, arms raised, tongue out, running towards the camera after snatching the last egg out of hiding just before his sister. There are the ones of older siblings, hand-in-hand with younger as they sought the hidden treasures behind trees, in the leaves of plants or under empty garden pots.  There is our oldest grandson, assisted by an ento

750 Religious Easter Illustrations

This weekend Christians will be observing Good Friday and  Easter Sunday,  perhaps the two most meaningful holidays of their religious calendar. The former reflects upon the crucifixion of Jesus Christ; the latter is the celebration of his resurrection. I grew up in a small town, in the middle of an agricultural landscape. The time was conservative, the culture mainstream for the time. The population was comprised of hard-working folk of deep Christian faith.  Mine no less so than others. Regular attendance at church was de rigueur. As a tot I sat quietly in the pew under Mom's strict supervision which was abetted by the watchful eyes of my dad, sister and brother from the choir loft. Any restlessness or mischief from me was duly noted and dealt with following the service. Looking back, it was no surprise that there were some Sunday mornings when a child's energy and short attention span would get the better of me. The first hour before the service,  I spent in Sunday S

15 Photoshop and Illustrator Easter Tutorials

It's Easter this weekend and, as expected, I intend to spend a good part of Sunday doting on my grandchildren. I well remember the days of being a busy young parent, one who was always rushed, often impatient and frequently stressed.  I used to watch my mother indulge my kids and wish I didn't always feel that every opportunity I had with them had a clock running beside me.  I noticed how she put everything on hold to walk at their pace when beckoned, to slow down the world for a while, and I would think, some day. Well, as it is for most parents, some day didn't happen until I had grandchildren of my own. It has been said that grandmothers are mothers given a second chance and in my experience that's a fairly accurate assessment. When my grandchildren come to visit, priorities shift from what they were when my kids were small.  Despite being a working woman with only weekends free to accomplish tasks around the house, it now seems easy to shove responsibilities

5 Adorable Collections of Easter Bunny Clipart

Well, I'm guessing that the Easter bunny is hoping for better weather this weekend than we're experiencing at the moment. The day after the first day of spring, we have snow again.  It was certainly a bit of a depressing start to a Monday, but since it's obviously going to be short-lived I guess I can tolerate Old Man Winter having a last bit of fun. There's no denying it. Spring is here, with robins dancing across gardens, the warmth of the sun intensifying and sprouts of green bursting through flowerbeds.  And on the heels of its arrival we will be celebrating Easter this weekend, the first holiday of the season of rebirth. On the Christian calendar this celebration has tremendous significance, marking the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For the purposes of today's missive, however, I look to the cheery commercial part of the occasion —  fantasy, food and fun. On Saturday night, snow or no snow, children will expect a visit from the Easte