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430 Lovely Daffodil Photos

Who doesn't love spring in bloom. Temperatures turn balmy and neighbours meet outdoors while raking, dragging out garden paraphernalia and patio furniture. Decks and patios are readied for warm weather gatherings of family and friends. The warmth and busyness of body help shake off any remnants of the winter blues. One of the nicest parts of spring, however, is the emerging blooms in flowerbeds and gardens. As green sprouts shoot from dark earth we anticipate the first fresh bursts of colour that will soon arrive. This weekend two of our baby grandchildren will be visiting and outside activities are always on the agenda. Their parents are outdoors enthusiasts who chafe when inclement weather keeps them stuck inside.  It's a trait inherited by their kids. A weekend when they can venture into the playground is much calmer than one spent inside, no matter how creative the adults get in keeping them busy. So, despite the fact that this weekend's weather forecast is pred

2 Collections of Cheery Daffodil Illustrations

Beaming a cheery aura with their bright yellow hue, they are one of the first blooms of spring. And they are front and centre of a major campaign when April arrives. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Canadian Cancer Society's daffodil month. Like a ray of sunshine, these flowers are the symbol of hope and awareness in the fight against a terrifying disease, a symbol of strength and valour for those  living with cancer. Purchases of bouquets of vibrant blooms assist  sufferers and support research and promotion. Or buying one of the sunny pins is a simple act with the power to make a difference. So deeply entrenched is this vivacious bloom in the fight against cancer that even its presence in neighbourhood gardens raises awareness. I know that I can't walk past a flowerbed glowing with these sunny flowers and not, at least in passing, make the connection to the struggle facing so many people, and of the continuing fight to defeat this vile disease. Over the month of Apr

Flourish Tutorials and Free Brushes

Whether it's words or a visual decoration, when it comes to just about anything more often than not, less is best. Having worked in journalism, I learned to get the important details into a story as soon as possible since studies had shown that the majority of readers don't make it past the fifth paragraph. At best, they will scan the remainder of the story. When first told this, I was doubtful. That is until I noticed that only a few newspaper articles held my interest throughout. I was, I realized a scanner.  And given that I'm an avid reader, it stood to reason that if I fell into this category it was unlikely  I was alone. On the advertising side of the business, too, it's common sense that a design not be so full of visual elements and text that the eye is unsure what to take in and might possibly miss the intent.  There was often chatter to be heard from our design and production people regarding effective use of whitespace, with the sales manager for on

3 Collections of Spring Rain Illustrations

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend. A lovely surprise came our way in the form of a glorious spring day for our family gathering.  With the canopy of leaves still just a promise in the hint of tiny buds on bare branches,  a blazing sun heated the back deck to summer pleasure.  Faces turned towards it, we soaked up its energy. Then this morning, the deluge. After thunderstorms through the night, we awoke to a rainfall warning and a day as grey as great-granny's hair.  So much change in 24 hours but nothing unexpected. It is spring after all. A good deal of life comes with this season. It's a rebirth and reawakening of the world around us, in the gardens that surround our homes, in the rural landscape that surrounds our communities. Certainly it's dreary to look out the window into a damp, grey world.  But, unlike the same scene on a cold winter day,  there is something heartening in a spring rain.  Even the worst of them make me think 'fresh start&#