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Thousands of Relaxing Photos for a Friday

So what are you doing on the weekend? Asked the question by a co-worker on this particular Friday morning, I listed a full schedule of travel and socializing, babysitting and family, responsibilities and chores. Pretty much the same as any other weekend. With that in mind the photo collections selected for today are going to be all about what I often wish I could squeeze a little more of into my weekends — relaxing. I'm not sure what's changed in my life. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's an attempt to slow time. Maybe it's a re-jigging of priorities.  Whatever the root cause, some days I really feel I would like to just stop this carousel ride, get off, kick back and watch the mad bustle of others instead. I know I was busy when I was younger, but even with little children it never felt this crazy. Whether it was my afternoon tea at nap, or lazy summer days at the beach, I found moments all my own. Now, however, when 'me time' is found, it's typic

6 Great Sites for Photography Tips

Way back when only professional photographers spent a lot of time taking pictures,  I was a bit snap happy myself.  A camera was with me at parties, gatherings and vacations,  it was in my hands to follow my children around and was an essential part of every milestone in their lives. At the time, I never really thought that I was taking a lot of pictures. The more than a dozen photo albums taking up space in a closet now tell a different story however. They are my chronicle of life from the birth of my oldest child until my first digital camera. Leafing through them is a sentimental journey with moments and occasions to be treasured. In those days I knew very little about how to take a great photo. It was more about preserving the memory than it was about making sure it was done well.  Keep in mind that this was the era of Instamatic and Polaroid, so all of the fault wasn't mine. Only when I began working for a small community newspaper  did I find out that there was more t

4 Collections of Yoga Illustrations

For close to three years now I've been grunting and groaning my way through a weekly yoga class. Fortunately, it consists of a group of women my age who are making much the same sounds I am. The creaking and cramping going on in our bodies is a good indication that life wasn't going to get any better for any of us if we hadn't found this way to slow the slide down the hill. Though I've far from mastered any of the many poses, I know that physically I'm in better shape than when I started. The  challenges of yoga are far outweighed by the benefits. Last night, our yogini shared some fitness articles that speak to these benefits. Relief of arthritis, fighting osteoporosis, strengthening and toning,  improved flexibility, balance, posture and focus add up to make this one of the best activities you can do for your body long term, claimed the expert advice.  Given that much of the exercise  I had done in the past contributed to a lot of the physical woes I exper

Create a Seasonal Yin Yang in Photoshop

Talk about the weather these days in this corner of the world, seems to be the only conversation out there. We've hit April with all the force and ill temper of January. Everyone, even fans of the coldest season, are disappointed by Mother Nature's practical joke.  Given winter's slow start and unseasonable warm spells,  we had all anticipated a short visit. Instead, like an unwelcome guest it lingers, displaying its bad habits far more frequently than it did during its scheduled visit. Upon opening the blinds on this particular April morning I stared out at a snowy landscape that sent the spirits dropping. Then a quick check of the weather predicting sub-zero temperatures proved even more disheartening. However, as dawn arrived, the dark sky made way for brilliant sunshine and I opted to focus my mood in that direction. Snow might fall at this time of year, but the warmth of the sun ensures its imminent demise.  It never has and won't last forever.  Spring might

3 Collections of Swan Clipart

This past weekend the beautiful city of Stratford, located in south-western Ontario, Canada,  enjoyed a unique celebration.  Each spring, the lovely swans which float the picturesque river and Victoria Lake, are ceremoniously paraded from their winter home back to the waters they love. Despite the miserable cold weather, my daughters and I decided to brave the elements and take their kiddies to see these majestic birds. A crowd lined the street and the view for the wee ones was limited to what happened right in front of them.  Hearing the pipe band gave them a heads up that something was happening and they delighted in the drums and bagpipes, until suddenly before their very eyes strutted a flock of swans.  Large and close enough to be just out of reach, they brought wide eyes to, and delighted squeals from,  my three beautiful grandbabies. After they passed, the three-year-old could barely wait to get to the river to catch another glance of them at their elegant best. The damp