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A Long Weekend Photography Challenge

Today in Canada is the start of a long weekend. Across the country people will enjoy time off in celebration of Victoria Day. This is held annually on the Monday before May 24,  in recognition of Queen Victoria's birthday. My husband and I typically take advantage of what will hopefully be good weather on this weekend to get the gardens and yard in shape. Any time left is spent trying to fit as much good stuff in as possible. We plan to kick off the three days slowly with a pizza date night on the deck following work Friday. Saturday will be yardwork and a trip to the nursery before our daughter arrives with her little girl in tow for a visit. There will be fun and games, followed by a campfire before bed. Sunday includes a sojourn at the beach, while Monday will be finishing what we started  working feverishly until late afternoon. At this point, we will hook up with the neighbours and try to slow down the clock, having realized that the first long weekend of summer is fad

49 Photos Celebrating PSW Day

As my younger children were looking to careers, I heard a few of their friends one evening discussing the possibility of becoming personal support workers. This profession wasn't mentioned often, most of those interested in healthcare were looking more seriously to nursing and even becoming doctors. But a few felt that they wanted the less glorified, but certainly greatly appreciated, role of PSW. At the time, I wasn't exactly sure what that role was. It was 15 years ago and it had been my experience that tender loving care came at the hands of nurses. However, over time I began to understand that this type of support was essential. The ageing population and the desire for many of the elderly to stay in their homes as long as possible, had created a need for assistance that went beyond what nurses and doctors could handle. PSWs fill this important role. They visit the aged client in their residence to offer such support as needed, whether it's making meals, cleaning t

1,250 Illustrations for International Museum Day

It's a lovely experience walking around a museum by yourself. Not something I've ever done, but I have to say after reading actor Brad Pitt's comment, I started to imagine it and it really does seem like it would indeed be quite a lovely way to while away a few hours. It's always been in the company of others, but any time I've visited a museum — and they've ranged from those where the exhibits are wax to  those with dinosaur bones — I'm completely in the zone. As it is in no other situation, my mind is focussed yet relaxed.  Sauntering from display to display my thoughts centre around what sits before me and the story that lies behind it. As of this writing we are celebrating International Museum Day, a time to promote awareness of the challenges faced by museum professionals and the benefits of their facilities to society. My understanding of these facets actually happened a few years ago when our son worked for a county-run museum. A history maj

Tips for Photographing Fireworks

Several years ago our daughter got married in a destination wedding up north. Ontario's beautiful French River area was a favourite vacation spot for her and her soon-to-be husband, who actually proposed to her at a campfire there following a day of shooting rapids. When it came time to select a location for the wedding, her heart was set on this place. While I had problems figuring out the logistics of this for guests I wouldn't have even dreamed of arguing that it wasn't a picturesque setting. Still relatively unscathed by mankind, it offers a landscape of flowing waters and majestic trees. Its music is the cry of the loon, the bold bass of a bullfrog and assorted birdsong. The lodge she chose for our stay and the ceremony is rustic elegance perfect for the occasion. Since that day it has been featured in Brides and National Geographic magazines so she was certainly on the right track. Nothing could have been more perfect than the day, which first featured a lei

1,100 Glorious Fireworks Photos

It's not official yet, but for those of us in this corner of the world, moods will shift to a summer vibe as we mark our first long weekend of the warm season this week. Forget the fact that there was snow this past Sunday; when Canadians look ahead to Victoria Day weekend, they are daydreaming about toasted marshmallows and campfires, lakeside vacation spots, picnics and barbecues. Around our house the long weekend tends to be a three-day opportunity to get some tasks done. Flower pots are planted, the garage cleared out to bring home our classic car and accessories are added to the garden. In between we try to fit in a beach visit and touch base with old friends. Most anticipated, however, is the first campfire of the season. No matter where we've been and what we've been doing,  responsibilities stop and with coolers and chairs in hand we make our way over to the neighbours'. There is talk, and laughter, of course. But underneath it all is the bliss in knowin