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2 Photo Collections for Father's Day

It will soon be time to give Dad his due. In just a little over a week we will celebrate Father's Day, a holiday that pays tribute to our first heroes.  Stereotypically with bad ties and cheap cologne. I admit when it came to buying gifts for my dad, to whom we said a final goodbye two years ago,  it was apparently a daunting task. His wants were virtually nil, his needs usually something I didn't understand or know about, and quite likely couldn't afford. Occasionally I got it right;  he loved assembling the intricate birdhouse kit received shortly after retirement.  But more often than not,  my siblings and I were way off the mark. Not that he ever let on. Dad was as excited over a pedantic book on how to properly prune shrubs as he was over the expensive hedge clippers he'd been desiring.  He never had a lot in his life growing up and was beyond appreciative of any gift that came his way. He wore every t-shirt bearing some silly slogan that he received and st

6 Great Cartoon Collections from

I'm not a graphic designer. I'm not putting together promotional materials, nor advertising campaigns. I don't create banners or posters. I'm not in need of a logo or mascot. Yet, from time to time I do find myself in need of clipart. The uses for images is only limited by one's imagination. There's no end to how they are used in business, and the possibilities for personal projects are equally limitless. For my purposes I have accessed them for social media, invitations,  even a child's book for my granddaughter. Elements have enhanced photos in a scrapbook or trimmed out a Christmas email. I've had t-shirts printed with images found online and a mug made as a gift. They've adorned handmade cards and been the backdrop for words of inspiration. A subscription to an online graphics resource provides me with a plethora of delightful illustrations and gorgeous photos from which to choose. There is never any question about finding something perfe

6,222 Tantalizing Food Photos

"A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away." — Phyllis McGiinley If asked what my hobby was I'm not sure I'd have an answer. There are many things I enjoy doing, but none for which I really have a passion. If it existed before, somewhere along the way it's been killed. For instance, once upon a time I took great delight in writing. Now employment has taken away the type of joy that comes with it being a hobby. I still enjoy writing, but not so much now that I want to type away at home after being in front of a computer all day. I used to be an avid knitter. Those daytime hours at the computer, however, have pinched nerves and tightened muscles to the point where working more than a few rows of simple stocking stitch is impossible. From childhood, I've always been able to lose myself in a good book. Unfortunately though, my concentration isn't what it used to be, so a quiet house, no music, no TV, no conversation, are essential if I'm going to foc

45 Great Photos Celebrating Small Business

Living in one of the small, close-knit communities that dot the landscape everywhere,  means knowing a lot of people and being known by equally as many.  It's a reality that I suspect exists in every corner of the world. This, of course, has its down sides. Typical of every village, it's fairly certain that at some point there will be residents  who have stories to tell about their neighbours, whether they're true or not. However, while the gossiping and suppositions might irritate, the familiarity that causes all of that can at times surround you with a strong sense of family. There are the folks who know you've got a problem before you do and come running to help. When one of their own is in trouble they circle the wagons. They offer support. They extend the hand of kindness. They take care of each other. When you live in a small town, you're rarely alone. This too can assuredly be a mixed blessing. There are times when you'd just really rather not tal

33,690 Awesome Music Illustrations

Jazz pianist Billy Strayhorn once said that all music is beautiful. While I'm not sure I have a mind quite that open on the subject—  the voice of Canadian rock band Rush's Geddy Lee inspires grimacing and skin crawling without fail— I do appreciate a lot of genres. Depending on my mood I can be found listening to hard rock, classic rock or oldies, classical, jazz or blues, alternative, grunge or punk.  Pop might not be my top pick but I can bop along to a few of the ditties. I'm not a country fan, yet take me back to the days of Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline and Marty Robbins and I am washed over by a nostalgic wave that soothes me with memories of Mom and Dad. There are times when I appreciate silence but generally music is the accompaniment to my life. It will rouse me in the morning.  It makes a work day go faster. It eases me into down time. It fills the empty spaces between quiet conversations  during the evening meal. It helps me find my stride on those rare occasion