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6 Great New Collections from and

"I spend all day thinking of shopping. I love the thrill of finding that wonderful, perfect thing, the feeling of your heart racing because it's so right." Okay, Mindy Grossman might be a little over the top with this sentiment, but I do relate. If given the option of doing just about anything, or go shopping, I will most probably choose the latter. Especially when it comes to fashion. Not the stereotypical footwear; I'd rather be barefoot. But when it comes to clothes, and to an extent earrings, I can't have enough. By now, my hubby has arrived at eye-rolling acceptance of the over-stuffed closet, while friends and family are well aware that when they see me, it's likely I'll be wearing something new. Perhaps it can be blamed on genetics. My mother probably added a new item to her wardrobe on a weekly basis. My father always teased that she had nothing to wear and three closets to put it in. Oddly, this habit is a contradiction of self percept

Bring on the Rain With These Photoshop Tutorials

Humidity hangs while the temperature soars. The dog days of summer have made an early appearance this year and let me tell you those dogs aren't just panting, they're thirsty as heck. While the common phrase actually references the position of the dog star Sirius in late July,  it has come to conjure images of lazy dogs lying beneath shady maples during summer's hottest time. This year, if our canine friends are hiding from the heat,  they're not alone. We've experienced weeks of intense temperatures, made more so by a cloying mugginess.  ACs are blasting and everyone's searching out cool places. Not complaining, of course. Winter's a very long time so we'll take all of July's personality and love her for it. There is, however, one little problem. As hinted above there's been a shortage of water. While it's great to be able to head to the backyard or beach without worrying about a deluge raining down around you, farmers' fields, o

Vital Imagery Ltd. Celebrating 10 Years

"The starting point of all achievement is desire." — Napoleon Hill. It's time to sing Happy Birthday to Vital Imagery Ltd. (VI) and celebrate its achievements. Ten years ago, this online subscription graphics service began offering customers quality photos, illustrations and more for use in business and personal projects. The company was the vision of a young, energetic team comprised of people with extensive knowledge of, and experience  in,  the industry.  Their desire to provide clients with a new exciting option for images inspired the dream. The dream drove the inspiration. And the inspiration achieved the goal. I had the pleasure of coming on board several years ago. It was a heady time for the still-relatively youthful company as new initiatives and partnerships were helping forge what would soon be its future as a global leader in the industry. My desire to be part of this was certainly inspired by that potential. However, it was the personality of the