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4 Stunning Image Collections of Amazing Inspiration

In social media's trending world there are hashtags for every day of the week. Probably the most popular for today, Thursday, inspires people to post a "Throwback" photo — an opportunity to roll back time's film and share some charming, or not so charming pictures of anything as long as they were taken before today. Then we have #ThirstyThursday, the prelude to Friday night's traditional weekend 'wine-down'. Popular with college students fortunate enough to not have early morning Friday classes,  it provides an excuse to get the party started.  As if life on campus required justification for alcohol consumption and socializing. Of course, there is also #Thursdate, an Instagram favourite, which I suspect needs no explanation. Can't say I've ever been a participant here. Date night at our house is Friday and I'm fairly certain pictures of my guy and I sipping beer and wine, scarfing pizza and watching a movie while munching popcorn wouldn&#

2 Colossal Clipart Collections of Workers for Labour Day

Hump Day has arrived. We're mid-way through the week and on the home stretch towards the weekend. What's even better this time is that there's an extra day off for us. Labour Day arrives on Monday. It means the final long weekend of summer and the last day before kids here return back to school for another year. This holiday has always been rather bittersweet. It's nice to have an extra day to relax, socialize or catch up on household tasks and projects. Yet, though there are still a few weeks remaining before summer's official demise, it already feels like the end. Rather than the heavy warmth of July's intense temperatures and humidity, now in the early morning it's a damp cool that lays across the skin. Sitting on the deck for some quiet moments last Sunday, my husband and I remarked on the absence of birdsong. Or for that matter birds. Where just a month ago they were flitting to and fro or serenading us from treetops, now there was nothing. No c

4 Helpful Resources for Delightful Back-to-School Photo Ideas

It's a day that millions will record for posterity. It's a milestone to look back on, bittersweet in the emotions it stirs. When we do return to these moments, there are smiles for the way they were, heart tugs for how quickly the years have passed. We will grin at the strange fashion choices, the ever-changing hairstyles. We will yearn just a little for the little boy or little girl we see here. Unquestionably, those first-day-of-school pictures are a series of images that evoke the passage of time as much as any birthday ever could. A week from today, students in our area will be heading back to school. There will be bustling to get back in the rhythm of a routine that was dismissed with the final ringing of the school bell in June. Early out of bed, new duds donned, there are struggles for bathroom dominance,  debates over breakfast choices,  hurried gulps around the tables.  Last-minute scurrying to cram lunches et al into backpacks precede the mad dash to buses.

In the Market for Outstanding Shopping Photos?

It was a great weekend.  Such a perfect mix of many things that mean so much. There was family and entertainment, surprises and shopping. Some of it was planned, some unexpected and at least in one circumstance, contrived. Setting the right tone, came with a little inspiration, shortly after checking out of work on Friday. I was by then, a woman with a mission. It had been one of those weeks when the weekend really needed to begin and I was eager to start things off with pizza date night with my guy. The only problem was that someone had forgotten to pick up the meal on his way home from work. Hearing this and determined to set the weekend off on a good note, my feminine wiles took over. Scheming, I formulated a plan for what I realized would  be an even better start.  Since it was a lovely night I decided it was a good time to roll out my favourite ride, our classic Coronet RT, go for a cruise and partake of dinner out. It was obvious this was a really great idea. It only took