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3 Delightfully Charming Collections of Autumn Clipart

"The older you get, the faster it goes." This well-worn phrase speaks to time's swift passage. To coin another adage, if I had a nickel for every time I'd heard it  I would indeed be a millionaire. My mother, who spent 95 years on this earth,  used some of her precious time here to share this gem with increasing frequency as she aged. I once responded to her that if that was indeed the case I might soon just stay in bed since the minutes between day and night had shrunk enough already. You definitely don't have to be elderly to notice that time appears to be slipping past with breakneck speed these days. I was shocked to hear my young grandson remark on this very thing at the age of 13 and my kids have commented too at various points in life. Which I admit has been unsettling. Never in my youth did I think of days and weeks slipping by quickly.  Hours seem to drift by languorously, like a raft on a gentle river, going nowhere fast. There was a minute sen