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TemplateMonster's Flagships of 2016

Featured today is a guest blog from our new friends,  the folks at TemplateMonster, a group of talented web designers and developers, "using everything they have learned to help you build amazing websites the right way." This round-up is absolutely special. It contains six flagship templates for TemplateMonster. The themes are really awesome; you can build absolutely everything out of them. The variety of their features strikes the imagination.  The themes are powered by different engines, so choice depends on  requirements. To start a website or blog - choose WordPress , Joomla , HTML, or Moto CMS . Or to launch an eCommerce store, choose PrestaShop or Magento . The best thing is people  don't need in-depth technical skills to breathe life into their project, since TemplateMonster's professionals have done all the complex work. Websites will look good on all modern gadgets screens as all of them are responsive and cross browser compatible . But that'

2 Diverse Home Sweet Home Clipart Collections

A big square box. This was how our older daughter described our home as a  teen. Through those oh-so-jaded eyes our century-old Italianate was severely lacking in personality. While I couldn't argue that the lines weren't simple and the details minimal, it was the character and charm of the interior that had captivated me. Trim, such as nothing you'd ever find in a house today, a spacious country kitchen and lots of bedrooms had me thinking very little about curb appeal when we decided to buy it. This memory comes as lately houses have been getting a lot of attention in our family. It starts with our younger daughter and her husband. They are persistently on the lookout for a forever home — something that will meet the needs of their growing family. With things like closet space for example. Their current abode is a post-First World War dwelling, with homey front porch, gabled attic and tall windows. It too has all of the solid wood trim that my husband and I found