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3 Perfect Collections of Poppy Images for Remembrance Day

This past Saturday dawned dark and dreary, a perfect scenario for a lazy start to a day. It also provided the perfect excuse for avoiding the autumn yardwork and cleanup.  Too cold and too damp to face the tasks of packing away the outdoor furniture and raking the lawn, the weather promised me a day inside. Which unfortunately meant there was no excuse for not getting to the housework. After a long week at work this drudgery is tackled grudgingly on the weekends. Avoidance is practised at every opportunity, but too often there's no way to get out of it.  When this happens I throw myself into the task, find the zone to the accompaniment of some great oldies played at full volume, and eschew distractions. In this scenario I am a woman on a mission, focussed on the job and driven to complete, with perfection, but in record time.  Interruptions, therefore, are met with something just short of hostility. Family knows, it's best to stay out of my way. Occasionally, though, th