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Transform Your Photo to a Watercolour in Photoshop

One of the very best things about is the incredible variety and diversity of the content on the website. Not only does it boast professional, print-quality photos, high-resolution clipart and HD video, but with an inventory of over five million images the selection offers something for every need and taste. However, as much as  photograph can provide the perfect visual detail to a project, there are times when it's necessary or just plain fun to play with them a bit.  For example you could take that great picture and turn it into a reasonable facsimile of a watercolour. With image editing software this is, of course, quite easy to achieve. While the process might not make the art world sit up and take notice, the results are satisfactory for most purposes and come without the expense of hiring an artist. I actually undertook this project as a gift for my husband a couple of years ago. When his parents made the decision to sell the family farm he was devastated.

1,220 Gorgeous Photos of America the Beautiful

As the end of 2016 slips away, so too, do the number of vacation days left to me. I recently used up a couple to enjoy a nice long weekend, bookmarked by visits with old friends.  Obligations, time and distance have made regular visits impractical, so we cherish these little adventures we arrange.  Both excursions, of course,  were blessed with the laughter and comfort you experience in the company of someone who knew you when you were still shaping and who has continued to love you along the way.   Having been through most of the wars, as they say, and come through the other side, we indulged in reflecting on just a few serious memories of the life we've known. Otherwise, this was going to be all about fun. While making that point about dedicating upbeat hours together wasn't necessary there was one topic from the beginning we put off limits. The American presidential election would not be mentioned. Of this we have had enough. And now,  today, finally, it will all soo