6 Clipart Collections of Absolutely Charming Cartoons

There was a meme floating around on Facebook at the end of 2016 intended to help us remember the sweeter things in life. The suggestion was to write a note every week describing something nice that happened to you, then place it inside a mason jar. When Dec. 31 rolls around again, we are then to bring out all those memories and read them. An one-time infusion of a whole lot of positive energy.

We all know for which things we should be grateful. That there is a roof over our head, that our family members are healthy and happy are only the start of a long list for most of us. We take delight in a sunny day, in unexpected company, in the kind deed of a stranger.

But it's easy to get weighted under stresses and disappointments, easy to allow them to take us away from a joyful life on occasion. Little reminders, therefore,  are generally welcome. At least by me. When someone posts a meme on social media pointing out my half full glass or offering any other hackneyed cliché I'm generally ready to take it all in again.  Staying positive, they say, brings more good stuff your way so  I'll take all the help I can get to stay that way.

Another thing that helps is humour. Laughing is good for mind, body and soul. Though we might differ on what makes us smile or chuckle there's no question in anyone's mind that we need to do both of those things, not just occasionally but often. My husband's dry wit elicits a guffaw from me at least once a day and for that I am grateful. 

Grandchildren too are a sure fire way to defeat the doldrums. Their words and actions can delight,  their ingenuousness, their joy in simple things are infectious. Being in their company can only lift your spirits.

Adults it seems to me, have a tendency to take things too seriously. Of course, there are times when we must; there are challenges, tasks and experiences that require focus and commitment. But, fretting and stewing over trivialities is a nasty brew that can curdle whatever is in that half-full glass. We really need to determine which ones are worth it, then remind ourselves to look at life with a little more lightness in our hearts, to not give so much power to the problems that seem bent on bringing us down.

Even in the world of images it's easy to find the lighter side. There are illustrations that are heart-warming, charming or just plain smile worthy. I find some collections so darn cute that I have at times had to remind myself they just might not convey the proper message for a particular project.  However, when your need something a little light-hearted they're absolutely perfect. Here are just a few of my favourites from iCLIPART.com:

Adorable Cartoons from iCLIPART.com

There's something sweetly endearing about this collection. The images remind me of the way a child sees the world. They are full of innocence and life.

Cute Cartoons from iCLIPART.com

This fun collection has a little bit of everything, with all of the illustrations alive with colour and imagination.

A Cartoon Collection from iCLIPART.com

Love the charming comic spin on these cute images that make you think of childhood at every turn.

An iCLIPART.com Favourite Collection

This one obviously captivates me as I find myself selecting images from this collection without conscious thought.  Even the ones that are less cartoon-ish than others have amazing appeal.

Fun iCLIPART.com Cartoons

When it comes to entertainment factor you can't beat this fun collection of cartoons. From its focus on special days and events to its satirical view, it is sure to amuse.

A Great iCLIPART.com Cartoon Collection

From golf balls and pencils, to characters and celebrations, this is a collection of smiles waiting to happen.


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