3 Absolutely Adorable Sticker Packs for Valentine's Day

Clipart Image of a Pink Background With a Heart Containing a Romantic Message
"Valentine's Day is the poet's holiday." — Ted Kooser

On Feb. 14 we distribute flowery, romantic cards filled with fancy verse and sentimentality galore to the loves of our lives. The message contained is, one hopes, a reflection of true feelings for the recipient.

While there are people out there who view Valentine's Day as a silly holiday, as an excuse for commerce to extract money from consumers during the mean, lean winter shopping months, for others it's an opportunity to express what the heart knows all year long but lips can often not say.

When I first met my husband several decades ago, he was more realist than romantic. Finding gestures, let alone words, to warm my heart, didn't really come easily to him. However, there were enough glimpses of a romantic for me to believe this dude had potential.

With training of course. The progeny of no-nonsense, hard-working, country folk,  his role models seriously lacked sentimentality.  Then there was me — sappy and romantic all the way.  One of the first lessons, therefore, was simple — getting him to realize there was no ignoring Valentine's Day. It was soon made clear that while only a card was necessary,  there had better be one and it better say what he thought.

He learned well. So much so, that after working a long night shift and remembering as his head hit the pillow what day it was, he got dressed and wandered downtown in a stupor to get me a card.

Spying it on the table later, however, I noticed it hadn't been signed or even put in the envelope. It seems that exhaustion is probably not the best condition to be in when picking out a card. The inside verse was beautiful. The cover though said, "Happy Valentine's Day — to the 'man' I love."

From the earliest days of handing out Valentines we know it's the thought that counts and that thought had best come through in the message. Who can forget those early school days when the process of deciding which classmate was going to get "Be Mine" and which would get "Hi, Valentine." was painstaking?

Now in addition to traditional cards, people are as likely to email or text their personal messages to a Valentine.  Rather than looking through a selection of cards, one can now search online for the appropriate words.

Of course, no matter how beautiful the verse,  the addition of a graphic will make it more appealing.  While any number of romantic backgrounds and elements can be found on sites like iCLIPART.com and Clipart.com there are those who prefer to keep things a little lighter with messaging. A great option is to add stickers. This adorable pack is available from iTunes for iPhone and iPad:

Clipart Image of a True Love Sticker Pack

Clipart Image of an Animated Love Sticker Pack

What's not to love about these charming stickers? They'll add a touch of whimsy to any iMessage. 

Clipart Image of a Hearty Emotions Sticker Pack

If you like to keep your expressions of love a little lighter, these cute heart emoticons are perfect.


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