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Clipart Image of a Bear in Pyjamas Waking and Yawning
It's there. I can feel it.

Stepping outside this morning, the first thing I noticed was blue sky and sunshine. It's been a really long time this dark, dreary winter since that bit of brightness broke through.

Squinting gladly, I tipped my face towards the heavens and let the brilliance wash over me before turning to set out. It was then I noticed that this day was far removed from a typical deep February frigidity. With no breeze and the glowing rays of that cool winter sun, the slightly below freezing temperatures had a quality we are all eager to experience.  Spring is in the air.

Maybe this time, I thought,  that silly groundhog got it right and we are going to enjoy that promised early end to winter.  It can't come soon enough for me.

There are, of course, people who make the most of the ice and snow,  who aren't bothered by the cold and chill, who find the stark white beautiful, who, with a if-you-can't-beat-it-join-it attitude, turn the barren landscape into a playground for skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

For years I pretended I was among them. I rode along behind my hubby as he piloted our snowmobile across groomed trails. We flew, it was kind of fun. Until it wasn't. I don't know when it happened, but suddenly the adrenaline rush of speeding over the fluff, the beauty of the icing-topped bare branches of woodlots, were diminished by the chill that seeped into the bones and failed to leave for hours after finding my way into warmth.

So it is spring that excites me. Rain might sprinkle down upon me in the warming months, but when that season shines it's perfection. April showers clear the detritus of winter, washing away the drab greys and browns of muck and mire. Then May blooms —  a month of rebirth and awakening that beckons us outside into a land transformed. Grass greens, flowers springing from rich soil.

And that sun! Warming with each passing day it chases away the last vestiges of fatigue, depression, aches and pains.  It has everything we love without the mugginess and bugs of summer.

During those months, signs of spring are everywhere — above, below and around us. Until then, I eagerly watch for that first robin sighting, a visual confirmation that while there might be snow again, it's days are most assuredly numbered. From that point on, every moment outside is spent ever watchful for more and more and more.

As we prepare for the season of revival and rejuvenation, we plan our spring projects and promotions. Obviously the perfect graphics will be needed to inspire people out of their hibernation before winter has completely left us. There are plenty of spring illustrations to be found online that are guaranteed to enhance your work and deliver the message that while there might still be snow on the ground, spring is in the air. You really can feel it.

From budding blooms and flowering trees to Easter and April showers, you can find it all in these sensational collections:

Tulips in Grass Against Sunlight in a Blue Sky

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Clipart Image of a Little Girl Holding an Umbrella in the Rain
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