Warm Your Heart With Awesome Animal Photos from iPHOTOS.com in Celebration of National Pet Day

Photo of a Woman and a Dog
Today is National Pet Day.  It might be a dog or cat you have, it might be a bird or rodent, it might be a lizard or snake, but today is the day to really show them how much joy they have brought you. Make that walk extra long, throw a special treat their way or just spend a little extra time snuggling. 

From here, in recognition of their special day, the collection of photographs to be shared at the end of this post will feature our feathered and furry friends.

The  pooch has always been my preferred choice of pet. Even when they weren't exactly everything one might hope for.  The first dog we owned when I was a child was a nasty-tempered fox terrier-chihuahua cross. Despite his diminutive size he possessed a ferocity that held strangers at bay and often had my young chums quivering.  Tiny  accepted pats on his terms. Picking him up was never an option. Crawling under the covers at night, he nibbled on any toes that might have brushed against him.

Why we kept him is anybody's guess. But just like a curmudgeonly old uncle will do, he managed to somehow earn our affection. When we ultimately had to say goodbye it  broke our hearts.

Since then there have been many dogs in our homes, all with unique personalities. While memories of them always bring a smile one make me shake my head as much as thoughts of that first one.  He was a holy terror. So much so that I only have one picture of him.

Photo of Two Girls With a Small Dog Taken in the Early 1960s
 Why he allowed himself to be snuggled between my young friend and me (one the right) on that day I have no idea. Since it often seems dogs are smarter than us, perhaps he thought it would be fun to leave me with this memory so no one in future would believe the stories I told about him.

In truth, getting a picture of any pet isn't easy. All that charm and energy can result in a lack of cooperation. If you've tried and failed, here are some tips that might help.


• Digital Photography School offers nine tips to getting that perfect shot of Puff and Spot. 

• Exposure Guide suggests some ideas to capture great photographs of your pet, along with some technical tips.

• Digital Trends spoke to pet and landscape photographer Josh Norem about working with animals as subjects and how to make the most of their personalities.

Photo of a Black and White Dog Lying on the Ground With a Ball Between Its PawsI had some success once with our beloved husky-cross Ani.   Which was fortunate, since having a nice portrait of your pet can be more important than you might think at the time.  The camera just happened to be in my hand after she stole a ball from a neighbouring pooch.  She laid down, proudly protecting it between her paws as she kept a close on me crossing the lawn, unsure of my motives. 

With her gazing straight into the camera lens it became a favourite following her passing, and now holds pride of place on a wall in our living room. 

Photos of people and pets reflect the special relationship and bond that we form with our animal friends.  iPHOTOS.com has a great inventory from which to choose. If you need something in recognition of National Pet Day or for other promotions or projects celebrating animals there are plenty of options from which to choose.

Photo of an Orange Kitten in a Tree


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