As Thanksgiving Nears These Photos Celebrate the Blessing of Family

Photo of a multi-generational family saying grace on Thanksgiving
"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow." — Melody Beattie

The world might seem a little crazy these days — Mother Nature appears to be really upset and as turbulent as the political climate.  However,  moments of gratitude, amidst it all, have never been too difficult for me to acknowledge.  No matter how frustrating, exhausting or stressful life can be, there's never any doubt in my mind that the life I lead is a blessed one.

To start with I'm fortunate to live in what (no one will ever convince me otherwise) is the greatest country in the world. My little spot in this vast nation is calm and quiet, lush and open space.  I have lived in the same old century house I fell in love with when we bought it 40 years ago.  My husband and I have raised four great kids in that home and we are now enjoying the delights of grandparenthood.  Work is gratifying and I am fortunate enough to have several 'toys' that offer me respite on weekends and in the summer.

In summation, I want for nothing nor need a thing.

In just a couple of weeks I am presented too with the opportunity to celebrate these gifts and my gratitude for them. The Canadian Thanksgiving will be here Oct. 9, and our family along with many others will be honouring this time of blessing and bounty.
Photo of a woman checking on a turkey in the oven
Of course, for me, the days to come will be hectic. The upcoming occasion means now is going to be a busy time of preparation, with a house to clean, errands to run, groceries to buy,  and food to prepare.

Beneath all of the busyness, however, is a barely-contained excitement. For one whole day, all of my children will be under my roof again, bringing with them their partners and those adorable grandbabies. It will be a full house and I am beyond thrilled.

I don't remember childhood Thanksgivings the way I remember Christmases of my youth. My maternal grandmother really enjoyed the latter and her attitude left an indelible memory. The former consequently always seemed to be little more than a practice run for the Dec. 25 menu. That sense carries through for me into my adult years.  It just wouldn't be either of these celebrations now without turkey and all the trimmings, cranberries and pumpkin and apple pies.

Photo of a multi-generational family laughing togetherThere has, however, been a recent shift. With Christmas so busy there's little time to really enjoy the day with my loved ones as it all seems to pass in a blur of gifts, eating, drinking and cleaning up. Thanksgiving then, has become a more relaxed version, when the pleasure in counting one's blessings is coupled with the ability to actually enjoy each other's company for a bit.

So as the anticipation builds for a day spent in the company of the people who are my greatest blessings among many,  I thought it would be nice to highlight some family holiday pictures from the wonderful Thanksgiving photos found in the collection.


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