Gearing up for Bargain Hunting With These Awesome Black Friday Clipart Collections

Clipart image of a girl in red doing her Christmas shopping
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And in my case that just might be because of a certain penchant I have for retail therapy. Imagine my delight then in the necessary pursuit of everybody's perfect gift.

We all have our weaknesses. And one of mine just happens to be that I am seriously fond of shopping. Actually, were I to be honest I might have to admit to being a bit of an 'aholic'. The temptation is always there. I would rarely turn down an invitation from a friend to go buying. A special occasion is always the perfect excuse to procure a new outfit. An outing with the grandchildren rarely ends without a purchase of one kind or another, be it a stuffy or a sweet treat.

The restraint, when  presented with the opportunity to indulge, is virtually non-existent. Take me to a mall, any time, any day, anywhere and I will shop until you drop.  I have exhausted many a novice and die-hard, even been asked by a much-younger someone if we could please be done. 

Within reason, I buy what I want when I want, I'm a sucker for the 'spend this much and get a free gift' pitch and I have never seen a bargain I could ignore.

That said, even I have my limits. There's one time of year when I strenuously avoid retail centres — the very time that most others fill them. No enticement or inducement is strong enough to lure me into the pre-Christmas rush. Or perhaps I should say crush.  

Instead, early in November, a friend and I head off to the big city for a two-day shopping binge. The Christmas list is attacked with extreme focus and items checked off with alacrity. And what doesn’t get done is quickly finished online.

Clipart image of Santa relaxing in a chair with a glass of wine
So now, as others are getting into the spirit of things, I have checked everyone off the list and am sipping wine by the twinkling lights of my tree while they are out fighing the bargain-hungry masses.

None of this is to say that my way is the best way. It’s simply the right way. For me.  I know plenty of people who actually prefer being out in the hustle and bustle of the last-minute shopping blitz. 

The end of this week is Black Friday, the day after the American Thanksgiving, when retailers inspire shoppers to come out in droves with tempting deals on everything. While you won't find me there, the craze  obviously holds huge appeal for many. Specials so incredible apparently make
Clipart image of a rush of shoppers
the challenge of spending time with the hordes of other people out to get the goods worth it. Friends and family of mine on this side of the border wouldn't miss making the trip to the States on the last Friday of November each year.

Those who share my aversion to crowded retail outlets need not miss out completely, though. The internet has given us the advantages of Black Friday from the comfort of our home.

So as we approach one of the most significant pre-holiday shopping extravaganzas  in western consumerism,  here are some Black Friday illustrations for use in business and retail from and


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