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Clipart image of a clock holding gifts
The lights twinkle on the tree. Garlands and holly grace mantles and staircases. And Sir Paul McCartney melodically reminds that he's "simply having a wonderful Christmas time".

Today is Friday. But perhaps most significantly, it's the last Friday before Christmas. By the time I return to my station here next week, Dec. 25, 2017 will have found its place in the memory files. The bows and paper have been torn away and relegated to the refuse bin. The presents have been accepted, as cherished treasures or secretly set aside by re-gifters. Cooks are practising their culinary creativity as they look for new ways to dress up that leftover turkey.

And as we look ahead it will be to the end of 2017 and to the start of 2018. These are the days when we often find ourselves reflecting on the year soon passing. We think of the special events that brought us closer to the people we love. We remember moments that surprised us and filled our hearts. We look to the beautiful memories, to the blessings that came our way and our hearts are filled with gratitude.

It's a time too, to acknowledge the people who enrich our lives, the ones who have been with us through all of the years and those who entered our world just recently.  We also spend time reflecting on the ones we have cherished and lost.

Sadly, yes, not all of our 2017 memories will be perfect. There will be losses. There will be regrets over foolish fights, silly slights and overlooked opportunities. We might have spoken out of turn. We might have hurt someone who means the world to us.

Regardless of the memories, we are inspired at this time to year to think about who we are, who we want to be and what we can do to achieve that as the new year arrives. There will be resolutions made, some to be kept, most probably not. But at least we plant the seed,  and hope that some of the goals we set to make us more the kind of person we want to be, will be met in 2018.

Before then, though, there's a party to be had. New Year's Eve provides an opportunity to celebrate the promise of tomorrow with all the joy of living in the moment and no regrets over yesteryear. For decades my favourite date and I have celebrated the occasion with old, dear friends.

There was always music, noise and laughter. We counted on the consumption of food and drink with the same certainty we could count on midnight kisses. As reflected by time's passing only how much of all of those these changed.

Clipart image of a man wearing a party hat blowing a noisemaker for New Year's EveWhen we were young, with naivety and energy on our side, the gathering was a house party, a scene that suited us well since such exuberance as we displayed was best contained among close chums. The desire for fun was high; the interest in regret quite the opposite.

When we entered our 30s we came to the conclusion that we were probably civilized enough to take our show out in public and for several years spent New Year's Eve at a crowded dance. Gussied up and full of fun, we enjoyed sharing our circle with a wider group of acquaintances. While thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow were starting to get a little more attention, we didn't dwell on them either. There was far too much to enjoy in the present.

Eventually, lacking some of that youthful energy and morning after resilience, we found ourselves celebrating at house parties again. We had outgrown the noise and frenzy of a large gathering, complete with overly-friendly strangers. Though we still enjoyed a good time, there was no question we were a little more sedate. A contemplative atmosphere too, had settled over the notion of a new year, one that hadn't been there before. Time was spent on remembrance and reflection.

Then a few years ago, some of these old friends decided a nice dinner out was all we needed. However, there is apparently still a hint of those 20-year-olds in my guy and me. We were actually ready to put a little celebration back into the occasion. After dinner we headed out to a local nightclub where our son's band was playing for a night of music, noise and laughter once again. It was a grand time. So much so we plan to repeat it this year.

And with those expectations I've been inspired to share these fantastic collections of New Year's Eve clipart:

Happy New Year's Clipart from iCLIPART.com

Clipart.com New Year's Eve Clipart


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