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6 Clipart Collections of Absolutely Charming Cartoons

There was a meme floating around on Facebook at the end of 2016 intended to help us remember the sweeter things in life. The suggestion was to write a note every week describing something nice that happened to you, then place it inside a mason jar. When Dec. 31 rolls around again, we are then to bring out all those memories and read them. An one-time infusion of a whole lot of positive energy. We all know for which things we should be grateful. That there is a roof over our head, that our family members are healthy and happy are only the start of a long list for most of us. We take delight in a sunny day, in unexpected company, in the kind deed of a stranger. But it's easy to get weighted under stresses and disappointments, easy to allow them to take us away from a joyful life on occasion. Little reminders, therefore,  are generally welcome. At least by me. When someone posts a meme on social media pointing out my half full glass or offering any other hackneyed cliché I'm