Friday, January 13, 2017

You're Sure to Enjoy These 2017 Calendar Illustrations

Clipart Image of a Woman Looking at a Calendar
"Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress." — Charles Kettering

Over the past few years, as part of our Christmas gifts from the children, my husband and I have received a very special calendar.  Our daughter, whose background in photography has followed a natural path to image editing, has volunteered for the task of putting together this fabulous keepsake, always chock full of pictures of our family.  Now, moving from one month to the next has become quite a fun experience.

The calendar we received this past December is an absolute delight. Rather than a selection of recent pictures of our kids, their spouses and children, she dug into the vault and came out with some real treasures.

There are baby pictures, stirring cherished memories. There are pairings, one page dedicated to each combination possible for the four of them — two sisters, two brothers, the oldest together, and the youngest. Finally, there are the ones of the four of them doing  what they do best when they find themselves in the same place at the same time — having fun. 

While they all rank high on the sentimental gauge, it's the latter bunch that brings me the most joy. There's nothing more gratifying for a parent than to see their children happy to be in each other's company, having a good time, getting along.

The reality is, though, that as January comes to an end, I will, with a modicum of reluctance, have to  bid goodbye to the photos of our oldest that have smiled at me for these past few weeks,  while looking eagerly to those of our two girls. What a nice way to greet cold, bleak February.

One can't ignore the fact however, that there is a very practical purpose to calendars. I'd be lost without the notes that accompany each month on specific dates — appointments to keep, birthdays to remember and deadlines for any number of things.  The calendar keeps us organized and informed. It does, as the American inventor Charles Kettering said, provide us with a place on which to write ideas and mark our progress.

While we might try to transform it into artwork with photos of landscapes, places and people, or use it to lift our spirits with humour or inspirational quotes, there's no question it's real purpose is utilitarian.

Clipart Image of a 3D January 2017 Calendar Page

So, as we move into 2017,  let's consider the months, days and weeks that make up the calendar. We can take them leaf by leaf or all together in this collection from

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Find Love and Romance in 4 Delightful Clipart Collections

"True love stories never have endings." — Richard Bach

In a world that can often be cold, that can challenge us in a variety of ways,  through a life that is occasionally lonely, during a season that chills us to the marrow, there's always a reason to reflect on the warm glow of romance.  And with Valentine's Day only a little more than a month away it's not too early to turn your attention to matters of the heart. Should it not already be there, of course.

What is romance to you? For some it's a proposal in front of thousands. For others it's popping the question by candlelight during an intimate dinner à deux. There are those who think nothing could be more romantic than an impromptu dance on the patio beneath twinkling stars, while others need the royal treatment in an expensive, though remote, getaway.

We can thus conclude, since no two people in the world are the same, views on romance can differ. Most women appreciate a romantic gesture; it's the grandness of it that can be off-putting for some. Such as me for example.  I'm never too sure what to do with an over-the-top romantic act and often feel a bit embarrassed. The bouquet of wildflowers picked on a sunny, summer day for no reason other than I was on my guy's mind is more perfect than a public serenade of undying devotion. 

A young couple I know recently got engaged. She is pragmatic, patient and tolerant; he's solid but a bit larger than life. They both, however, adore their families. So, when he finally decided to pop the question after a decade together, he figured out a way to keep it between the two of them while not forgetting how much their relatives had been waiting for this time. After a quiet Christmas Eve at home with his parents and siblings, he sent them off in one vehicle for a gathering at his future in-laws. He then took full advantage of the alone time with his sweetie to propose, after which they headed off to share the good news with their families.

This was a story of love and romance. The two, however, can be exclusive. Many an accomplished Lothario has set his sights on a woman and without intent or declaration of love wooed her with fairytale gestures and fanciful gifts. Then there are the men who couldn't conjure a romantic deed for the life of them, but in the purest place in their hearts they hold a love for their lady that rivals Romeo's for Juliet.

While love and romance don't always share the same stage, they do play well off each other. So today I've chosen some charming collections from that put both front and centre:

This legacy collection is full of vintage images that perfectly reflect the intensity and passion of romance.

Say it with hearts and flowers from this collection of charming images.'s Romantic Cartoons

Keeping it light and airy with these endearing love and romance images from the website's Cartoon category.

Find terrific backgrounds, flourishes, elements and wedding images for your Valentine projects.