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Focus on Farming First With These Unbelievable Collections of Thousands of Agriculture Photos

Yesterday was Canada's Agriculture Day. Given that this wide, open country is home to some of the richest and most diverse agriculture worldwide, taking time to showcase the industry is a wonderful idea. Celebrating the farming life in February might seem a tad incongruous. Yet, it's the perfect time for reflection, which is what this day's all about. While most fields lie fallow under soft blankets of winter white, while rural roads are quiet with fewer tractors, combines and wagons travelling farm to farm, while livestock huddles in the warmth of barns and coops rather than open pastures, we wander grocery aisles in search of fresh produce, great cuts of meat and whole grains. If you don't know that everything you're seeking is because of the people who work the land and raise the animals, then it's time to think about that. Living as I do in a rural community, my neighbours and I have a front-row seat to the activity that takes place each spring i

Prepare for Spring With These 2 Spectacular Clipart Collections

It's there. I can feel it. Stepping outside this morning, the first thing I noticed was blue sky and sunshine. It's been a really long time this dark, dreary winter since that bit of brightness broke through. Squinting gladly, I tipped my face towards the heavens and let the brilliance wash over me before turning to set out. It was then I noticed that this day was far removed from a typical deep February frigidity. With no breeze and the glowing rays of that cool winter sun, the slightly below freezing temperatures had a quality we are all eager to experience.  Spring is in the air. Maybe this time, I thought,  that silly groundhog got it right and we are going to enjoy that promised early end to winter.  It can't come soon enough for me. There are, of course, people who make the most of the ice and snow,  who aren't bothered by the cold and chill, who find the stark white beautiful, who, with a if-you-can't-beat-it-join-it attitude, turn the barren landsc