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Celebrating Diversity With 2 Amazing Image Collections

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." — John F. Kennedy What would the 35th president of the United States think of the world we've created for ourselves more than a half century after he spoke these words? Has society ever been more divided?  The war against discrimination continues to be fought on a number of fronts — ageism, racism, sexism, homophobia.  Extremists target those societies that they feel threaten their cultures and beliefs. And the 45th American president today couldn't be further away in his ideals or  political savviness than his much-admired counterpart from the early 1960s. Elected this past November to serve one of the greatest countries in the world is a man accused of being homophobic and misogynistic, of being a businessman of questionable ethics and morals. Indisputably his untruths have become fodder for news agencies and late-night comedy. He quite literally lies about lying.

Ah, the Camping Life. Enjoy it Here in These 2 Great Clipart Collections

A quiet, open space nestled among towering trees. The lullaby of leaves rustling in a gentle night breeze soothing the raw nerves, easing away the tightness that has taken a grip on shoulders and neck. Stars twinkle overhead as a crackling campfire mesmerizes. A tent with cots and bags waits on standby for sleep to come. To many, this is camping. Our daughter and her husband, before parenthood, made frequent visits to the deep north woods of Ontario to get away from it all. There was no hydro, no running water, no cellphone service. The site they chose even lacked an outhouse.  What it did offer was solitude, peace and quiet. They slept next to the soothing flow of the impressive French River, accompanied at times by crying loons and heralding bullfrogs. When they became engaged, they chose this place as the spot for the nuptials, arranging to take over a picturesque lodge for a wedding getaway weekend. It was my husband's and my first trip there. Though we might often have s