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Warm Your Heart With Awesome Animal Photos from in Celebration of National Pet Day

Today is National Pet Day .  It might be a dog or cat you have, it might be a bird or rodent, it might be a lizard or snake, but today is the day to really show them how much joy they have brought you. Make that walk extra long, throw a special treat their way or just spend a little extra time snuggling.  From here, in recognition of their special day, the collection of photographs to be shared at the end of this post will feature our feathered and furry friends. The  pooch has always been my preferred choice of pet. Even when they weren't exactly everything one might hope for.  The first dog we owned when I was a child was a nasty-tempered fox terrier-chihuahua cross. Despite his diminutive size he possessed a ferocity that held strangers at bay and often had my young chums quivering.  Tiny  accepted pats on his terms. Picking him up was never an option. Crawling under the covers at night, he nibbled on any toes that might have brushed against him. Why we kept him is anybo