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Check Out These 85 Engaging Summer Family Fun Photos

The end result of this blog is going to be to share with you some photos. The selection today does perhaps target a fairly specific audience, but given that it's Friday, the celebratory end of the work week and an early summer one to boot, the topic seems a great one to highlight. As is often the case, I'm inspired by recent events in my life. With some vacation days to enjoy,  I've been able to slot in extra visits, meaning time with family, good food and the beautiful outdoors. These have been, and will be,  memories created. They will exemplify everything that's perfect about summer — loved ones together to party in the sunshine with copious amounts drink and good food, music and games. The first bit of fun earlier this week eased us in to party mode. It was our annual birthday tradition with our firstborn. A craft beer afficionada,  each year around July 2, he tours us around the city to new and favourite breweries. There the purpose is simple.  We sample and