Friday, August 11, 2017

Get Your Projects Moving With This Eye-Catching Transportation Clipart

Clipart image of a sweet baby in a toy car
"Baby you can drive my car, yes I'm going to be a star.
Baby you can drive  my car, and maybe I'll love you."

The popular Lennon and McCartney song, it has been suggested,  might actually have a slightly less innocent reference than that of transportation. However, while that might appeal to our base instincts, there's no doubt that in this busy, chaotic getting from here to there, whether by automobile or other means, is also super important.

My husband loves his cars. He's never had to have the flashiest; quite the contrary really. The newest vehicle in his fleet is over ten years old while the most revered is a lovingly restored example of 1967 Mopar muscle. But he has always ensured that besides that classic Coronet, driven only in summer on momentous occasions or to special events, we have one for him, one for me and often even a spare parked in the driveway.

Though a third one for everyday use might seem excessive, the practice has proven its worth more times than not. An apparently superfluous set of wheels can definitely come in handy. Vehicle number three has recharged a dead battery on his or my car when one or the other of our usual rides is out and about. It has filled in  when an emergency breakdown has occurred, a real bonus given that we all know when we have plans to go somewhere the last thing we want to have happen is discover we have no way of getting there.

Of late, my hubby and I have been giving some consideration though, to reducing the fleet.  With retirement drawing ever closer we're thinking that maybe we could get by with just one car and over the last several weeks have decided to give it a try and see how far we get.  We did pretty well too, until this morning, when with hubby out of town, cloudy skies threatened my morning walk to work and I decided it was in my best interests to ride. That said, without the job to go to, the one car experiment would probably have still been going.

Unquestionably, travel is a big part of society today, whether short jaunts to nearby places or long trips to far away corners of the world.  We find our way to these places a variety of different ways.

Generally, for reasonably close excursions made independently, we rely on our cars and trucks.  Others, though, like to put a little more effort into their touring. Our son, for example, has recently discovered great pleasure in cycling from town to town, destination to destination. His tour might be of necessity, or simply a summer diversion, but whatever the reason when he heads out he's happy to be leaving the car at home.  He has found peace on the assorted trails and rural roads and relishes nature and the new sights in his stops along the way.

In larger urban centres there is public transit to take people out of the city or out of suburbia. We have trains and buses that move us across country, planes that carry us  over land and sea, ships that cruise us to ports around the world.  We drift in hot air balloons, pedal steep slopes, ride waves. We travel for work, for play and simply because we can. We journey using wheels, rails and wings.  And you can see them all here in these fantastic transportation clipart collections:
Clipart image of a hipping, delivery car, ship, plane transport on a background map of the world

Clipart image of a scooter

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

You'll Love These Fantastic Photos of Beautiful Butterflies

Photo of a Monarch butterfly on a pink flower
They are not just one more welcome summer visitor. They are also symbolic to many, offering a connection that is both spiritual and life-affirming.  With their presence comes an affirmation of hope and comfort.

The suggestion of butterflies as a representation of life and resurrection first was presented to me following the passing of a young friend just over a decade ago. It was a day after the service when her aunt while working in her garden, looked up to see dozens of pretty butterflies fluttering around her, filling the yard with colour and energy.  She was immediately soothed by their beauty and the message of hope that is attached to them.

A friend too had had a unique experience with butterflies recently — their appearance over the past several days not just sudden, but abundant. Fabulous Monarchs were finding her,  not just while she tended her gardens, but also in quiet moments of respite or during rejuvenating walks.

Each time she was captivated by their actions. They weren't flitting quickly past her, nor shyly darting into view and back out. There had been no coyness in their dance; they had instead boldly lingered and frolicked around her like children come to play.

During our conversation, it struck me that it had been some time since I'd seen a Monarch. Cardinals, another creature to which spiritual significance has been attached, have,  if not always shown themselves to me of late,  let me know they were there with me in their whistling call.  I have found with them that a level of faith has not been required to believe the significant meaning since I am consoled by their presence.

But the pretty Monarch has been elusive.  Until, of course, my friend's story was shared. It's interesting how conversations will often conjure that which we've discussed. There's the person you haven't seen in some time. You mention their name for some reason and they contact you the next day. Or the song that you've been wanting to hear begins to play on the radio after you mention it to someone.

So it was really no surprise to me when I stepped out on to my deck this past Saturday morning and was greeted by this flamboyant creature. Like those who have visited my friend, this one was in no hurry to pass through. As I stood waiting, coffee and book in hand, it floated around me, hovering and flittering. When after several seconds of watching its dance I decided to sit down, it seemed to follow me, swooping back and forth as if trying to get my attention.  The book was forgotten as I watched, smiling.  It probably stayed with me for five minutes before moving on to make another person's morning.

Later that day two more popped by for another quick visit.  I don't know if these guests did indeed represent something special — a message from a loved one who has passed, for example. But I like to think that their presence was somehow connected to my late parents and it left me feeling calm and centred, at peace, content.

It is not just to the Monarch that this significance is cast. All butterflies are believed to be a deep representation of life. For that reason, as well as for their photogenic qualities today's image collection, I've chosen to highlight these fantastic photos of beautiful butterflies from

Photo of a green butterfly on a leaf