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Grandparents Rock! Celebrate Them on Their Special Day with Great Clipart from Vital Imagery Ltd.

"Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children." — Alex Haley I like to think this is the effect I have on my grandchildren. I know my own grandparents certainly put the magic in my existence.  Thoughts of them will find their way into the quiet moments of any random day,  memories that float to mind as softly as the butterflies danced in my grandmothers' gardens.  They are all welcome and beautiful when they arrive. Both sets of grandparents were country folk,  born and raised — three of German descent, one of English.  The latter gave up agriculture for a career in the trades, while his wife, like all women of those times, kept the homefires burning. My paternal grandparents, however, stayed on the farm, giving this townie an opportunity to experience the open air and spaces of the pastoral landscape. Though very different in personalities, my grandmas and grandpas provided, each

It's a Good Time of Year for Free. Check out These Links for Photoshop Resources

The little chunk of the world where my family, friends, neighbours and I reside is looking ahead to the last weekend of summer. On Monday we celebrate Labour Day. The night before, once the sun has faded to twilight,  after fireworks brighten the dark night skies, we will begin our goodbye to the lazy, carefree weeks we enjoyed through July and August. Because one week from today, it's back to reality. Everywhere you turn these days you'll be seeing promotions for back-to-school.  In retail outlets, posters and advertisements are touting that they have everything kids need to get back to the business of learning.  This week, then, parents will be rushing out to get the last-minute deals on school supplies and fashions for their exuberant young students. I used to love those mall outings with my four kids in the dying vacation days before a new school term began. Despite the fact that not all of them were as eager as others. Feminism aside, the sexes really can be quit