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As Thanksgiving Nears These Photos Celebrate the Blessing of Family

"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow." — Melody Beattie The world might seem a little crazy these days — Mother Nature appears to be really upset and as turbulent as the political climate.  However,  moments of gratitude, amidst it all, have never been too difficult for me to acknowledge.  No matter how frustrating, exhausting or stressful life can be, there's never any doubt in my mind that the life I lead is a blessed one. To start with I'm fortunate to live in what (no one will ever convince me otherwise) is the greatest country in the world. My little spot in this vast nation is calm and quiet, lush and open space.  I have lived in the same old century house I fell in love with when we bought it 40 years ago.  My husband and I have raised four great kids in that home and we are now enjoying the delights of grandparenthood.  Work is gratifying and I am fortunate enough to have several 'toys' that

Remembering German Grandparents and Celebrating Their Culture With Oktoberfest Clipart

He was an uncomplicated man. He knew little of life but struggle and hard work. His days began before dawn and ended as dusk crept through the sky. Each morning he set out to the fields and animals he loved, speaking little, expressing less.  He spoke little bowing to the formidable personality of his stalwart wife. He was a man of the land, leaving the day-to-day aspects of life in her cracked, dry, capable hands. She was unquestionably the strength, a woman toughened by the realities of raising a family through the Great Depression. She loved her kids like a tigress, yet sentimentality was a foreign condition. These were my paternal grandparents. Solid, honest people who kept emotions at a premium, they thought less about happiness than they did about labour and its rewards. She was the dominant force in this partnership, the one who faced adversity without emotion, who rose each day putting one step ahead of the other. My first memories are of her sitting playing hymns at th