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Putting the Magic in Your Halloween Projects With Delightful Costume Images

Today, for just a minute, I was a unicorn. A soft, baby-blue mystical, magical unicorn. And now for the rest of the story. My oldest granddaughter, having turned five this year,  has been undergoing an interesting metamorphosis of late. She started this life with a surprisingly visible reticence. She appraised people with a look that suggested an, at times unnerving, astuteness. As a baby she was serious and fiery, charming and captivating.  We weren't especially surprised to see a lively, fierce rambunctious toddler take her place, nor a horse-loving tomboy when she began preschool. The sweet, gentle spirit that defines her so completely these days was always there. However,  what has surprised us now is that since she entered kindergarten and discovered a kindred spirit in one of her classmates, there has been a transformation in her attitude, taste and style.  We find ourselves looking now at a real little girl — fond of unicorns and rainbows, loving the colour pink,

Photoshop Tutorials to Dress Up Your Halloween Invites and Other Projects

It was a glorious Thanksgiving long weekend — one of those sometimes autumn stretches in Canada that lift spirits. Temperatures were unseasonably balmy, but not so hot that the bugs were out and about, or that humidity made everybody uncomfortable. The colourful collage of changing foliage, the sky's pretty azure blue and the brilliant blaze of the sun were the perfect combination to celebrate a day intended for gratitude and counting one's blessings. Since our large family gathering was on the Sunday, which I'll get to later, my husband and I had a break on Monday to appreciate the sun and warmth in quiet ways, beginning with a hike in a nearby forest, followed by some reading on the deck, then ending with wine and friends. It was welcome respite given that the previous day was rather more active as our brood of four and their families made it home for turkey and trimmings. Busy,  of course, but so very gratifying. There was laughter and love as well as plenty of c