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5 Collections of Terrific Halloween Clipart to Inspire Your Creative Projects

The people who use images in projects are always thinking ahead. Preparing products and promotions in advance of seasons and events is standard. So, while Halloween is still days away, these folks are right on top of this autumn celebration. Linking to some fun Halloween clipart collections then, seemed an appropriate focus for today's missive. But first, before we get to that, I hope you will indulge me as I share some personal thoughts and remembrances about this particular time of year. One of my earliest recollections of Halloween was my first one in Kindergarten. My classmates and I wore our costumes to school and showed them off as we paraded through the senior classes. Call it a trial run on the ooh-and-aah factor because if we heard these from the Grade 8 girls or saw reluctant grins on the faces of the boys, it was an assurance we were looking pretty darn cute. Which meant that getting our treat bags stuffed to the brim was not going to be an issue. The standard

You're Sure to be Enchanted by These Adorable Halloween Animations

"Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music."  — William Stafford What a wonderful quote. If there's one thing I regret about getting older it's that I no longer have that innocence and zeal.  To hear the music where none exists doesn't happen as often as I'd like any more.  To approach every experience in life with energy, with open-hearted and open-minded exuberance is an instinct that set sail a long time ago. Sad that in adulthood we become so serious.  If we could only allow ourselves to see the world as it would be  through the eyes of a child. In those baby blues, chocolate browns or vivid greens there is awe and wonder over every blade of grass or fragile snowflake. Inquisitiveness opens their mind to possibilities and innocence to belief.  Children don't need to be told to dance as if no one's watching. And they always hear the different drummer. Most importantly in those eyes, there is never a reason not t