Back to School Images for Presentations, Worksheets and Handouts

Happily (or sadly depending on who you ask) our kids still have a few weeks left of their Summer vacation. For many other students around the world though the time has come to start the new school year!

Many teachers use our websites to source copyright-safe images for their worksheets, presentations and handouts at school. Not only do we have a huge selection of educational themed images but members are certain that the images they download have been legally licensed from the artists and photographers who created them.

Come and see some of the images we have available to download:

Education Clipart at

Back to School Clipart and Stock Photos at

3D School Animations at Animation Factory

Education Photos at

In recognition of the amazing, and challenging, job that teachers do we are happy to offer them a special educational discount on any of our one year subscriptions. Please contact us for more information!


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