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You'll Go Wild over These 2 Amazing Animal Image Collections from and

If cute little animal clipart is your thing then you're going to love the collections I've scoped out for you here today. First, however, please allow me a little self-indulgent chatter as I offer a background story on why this choice was made. A repugnant fellow has decided to move into our neighbourhood and having made his presence known in his typical style he's become not just an unpopular addition but most definitely an unwelcome one.  You too have met his kind before,  I'm sure — brazenly roaming where he pleases as if he has every right to be there. He's short on personality, a black-and-white sort of critter. And if all of that isn't bad enough, he stinks to high heaven. It was a bitterly cold dusk a few days ago when we first became aware there was a skunk in our midst. Standing at the back door, my husband was surprised when the nasty little interloper came walking up to him, turned and meandered across the deck past our patio doors. After a brie

Discover the Beauty of Winter Through a Camera Lens With These Great Photography Tips

"And finally winter, with its bitin', whinin' wind, and all the land will be mantled with snow." — Roy Bean. That's winter — perverse yet picture perfect, providing the perfect landscape for photographers and weather that no one wants to venture out in. From autumn on, weather experts were promising us this year, a traditional, formidable Canadian winter, one of plunging temperatures and plenty of that fluffy white stuff blowing around. If the start of this new year has been any indication, it would seem that they have indeed nailed it. From the moment this season made its official arrival, it has brought with it all of the things that make it the complex character it is — at times a bitter and obnoxious fiend, at others a lively and picturesque scamp.  So far in 2018,  stormy blasts and deep chills have shown that Old Man Winter wasn't going to waste any time delivering his worst. Having just recently come out of a deep freeze, with biting cold numbin