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Welcoming the Months of Spring With Beautiful Bird Photos from

"Spring would not be spring without bird songs." — Francis M. Chapman February 2018 will soon fade from present to past. It's dark, dreary days will open to March, a month during which we feel the bite of winter's chill, warmed by the sun's kiss on a lengthening day.  Snow still drapes itself on branches, blankets itself across the ground, but the promise of spring nudges its way into our consciousness. We begin to ponder plans for March break. The black, white and grey images of winter that fill our minds, give way to notions of soft pastels,  of blooming buds and painted eggs.  Occasional days of warmth, foreshadowing what lies ahead, will inspire the opening of windows and doors, if only for a moment or two, chasing away the stale air of a house that's been shut away from fresh air for months. March makes one think of revival and rejuvenation. There is snow, always snow, but rains come more frequently to wash it away, freshen the earth and brighten