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Showcasing Flags From Around the World in Image Collections from and

In just less than two weeks, many people, regardless of ancestry, will be feeling a little bit Irish. With the arrival of St. Patrick's Day, folks from all corners of the world will be into the spirit of things. In keeping with the celebration it will mean plenty of green — whether people are donning it or drinking it. The vibe is already in the air. In the days leading up to March 17, children in classrooms will be colouring fanciful outlines of shamrocks and rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns. Adults will soon be diving through their closets to find an outfit or piece of clothing that's just the right hue of jade or emerald. Then when St. Pat's Day is finally here, people will line the streets for parades, and parade into pubs for lively entertainment. But amidst the frivolity and enjoyment, it's quite likely that only those with green blood coursing through their veins will be waving the tri-coloured flag of Ireland in true patriot pride. The r