Friday, April 6, 2018

Whether It's Raining or Shining You'll Find the Right Clipart in These 2 Fantastic Collections

Canada is a pretty great country in which to live.   It is diverse in its people, its culture and its weather. The true north strong and free is, in a nutshell,  a nation of 'nice' people, of wide open spaces, abundant resources and the strangest mess of weather you can find anywhere.

In this particular corner of the nation, we are always eager for the warm weather that accompanies spring. This year, however, it seems to be somewhat slow in reaching its full potential. At least, when you're as happy as I am to see the last of winter, it has certainly felt that way. Temperatures in the first few weeks of the new season haven't been quite as frigid as those in the deep freeze of winter; however, a frosty chill was carried along on winds that careened from the cold north and damp east more often than not.

The early Easter of 2018 arrived with few lawns having been raked and cleared for the annual egg hunt. Taking part in it meant that winter coats were required for the task, while children sported knitted hats, mittens and by the end of it, rosy cheeks as they delightedly filled baskets with pretty coloured treats.

Indeed, the urgency for the best of this season has been ever present. At least for me. It can't get warm enough fast enough. I can't wait to see gardens sprouting, grass greening and trees budding.

It will come, of course. Patience in this place is a valued trait. In Canada, we know that the weather changes in a heartbeat. Especially in spring and fall, when Mother Nature's capriciousness can deliver balmy temperatures one day, damp and cold the next. The promise of sunshine and warmth can disappear on a whim until we almost lose faith.

But rest assured we're a hardy lot, unwavering in our certainty that the weather will get better.  Even when we know that some years it really doesn't fulfil expectations.  Last summer for example, was rather a disappointment since we never really hit the sweltering levels of heat.

When it comes to weather, variety is certainly a word that comes easily to mind anywhere I suspect. But, I tend to think no more so than in this country. We live in the deep freeze of winter with little respite for virtually six months of the year most times, four when we get lucky with a mild one. Our world can turn milk bottle white with blizzard after blizzard, or we can be blessed with my favourite — an open winter.

Spring can be wet and late like this year appears to be, or arrive full of life and right on cue. Canadian summers bring the best and the worst with sunshine and intense heat, gentle showers and frightening storms. Autumn can be as sparkling as the sun on a dewdrop, or as bleakly depressing as missing the lottery by one number.

This all reminds me of a quote I once heard, something about 'if you're not liking the weather, just wait a minute or two and it will change'. That is most definitely the case in Canada.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Spring Blooms in Our Wonderful Collections of Images

For quite a few years now, the walk has been happening most days. And in winter, it has never been exactly the walk I'd like. But it's only a few more weeks, and I know that trudging out the door to make my way to one destination or another is going to get a whole lot easier.  Spring has officially arrived and on the heels of that there will be the budding of warm weather and pretty blooms very soon.

You can actually feel it already. Less bundling is required than in previous months. Sure, there's still a nip in the air. Nothing, however, like the deep freeze of late January's inhumane bitterness.  Ambling along on this  day, I felt the sign of winter's thaw when the sun poking through a break in the clouds chased away the chill in my cheeks with its soothing warmth.

These early changes in spring's atmosphere have always had a heartening effect on me. I recall the first time I noticed that I noticed that. It was many, many years ago very early in the season. The last vestiges of snow had receded, but a damp coolness had been lingering. Days of icy rain and cloudiness seemed to be an indicator that Mother Nature was providing winter with its last dance before ushering it on its way. And after the long months of cold and snow it was beginning to feel as if it would never end.

On this particular day, though, the sun was winning. Like a curled cat on a couch, I sat and soaked up its heat through the windows. So comforting was its power that I felt compelled to bundle up and go visit a friend. Opening the door, I could hear the swift trickle of melting snow from the rooftops, like mini waterfalls. A robin was dancing across the lawn, and the air was so warm it continued to beckon me forward.  The heat was calming and restorative, so with a spring in my step and a song in my heart I made my way along the bare, dry streets.

This is spring to me. It has always had the ability to bring a smile and a song to my day. Even April showers can't dampen my enthusiasm.  It's a promise of all of life's good things. It heralds new beginnings, a revival,  and our spirit is rejuvenated just thinking about it.

And those images we think of are full of colour and life.  Spring is the vivid cheerful colours of fluffy baby chicks, of daffodils and tulips. It's also the soft pastels of Easter eggs and robins eggs. Spring is verdant with lawns freshening, gardens blooming and trees budding. It's also spotted ladybugs, earthy toads and pretty birds. Spring is clothes on the line, blowing in a fresh breeze. It's also wide open windows and doors.

Spring is so many things it's difficult to describe them all, and the feelings they elicit,  here.  But you can find them all in these wonderful collections of images from two favourite clipart websites. Spring Images Spring Images