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Amazing Images and Designs for Wedding Invitations

Not surprisingly many couples pick a day during the Summer months for their wedding day. The chance of nice weather is greatly increased and there is a much greater choice of beautiful venues to pick from. My husband and I were lucky to pick a particularly hot and sunny day 13 years ago in July for our big day. We got married outside on the porch of our beautiful Victorian home while our guests sweltered out on the lawn. Fortunately for them the ceremony was not too long and much fun was had by all as we enjoyed the warm evening festivities. As the owners of   we were fortunate to have a large array of beautiful illustrations to choose from when we designed our invitations.  Here is a selection of some of our favorites: If you are lucky enough to be planning your big day why not check out the complete collection of wedding clipart, animations and photos on our websites! Wedding clipart from   iCLI