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Simple Tips For Taking Pictures of Your Christmas Tree

Here area few simple tips for taking pictures of your Christmas Tree this Holiday Season. There are two pieces of equipment, besides my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, that I always use when photographing a Christmas Tree: my tripod and my remote shutter release. If you don't have those, you can find a nice sturdy surface and camera timer, to take your shot. First, turn your flash off - flash will be too overpowering. Simply keep your usual room lights on and turn on the tree lights for a warm ambient light image. Next, it's important to use a tripod. Since you’re going to be using the ambient light in the room, you’ll need a slow shutter speed. Without a tripod, your shots will likely come out blurry. Use a low ISO, around 100 or 200 to avoid grainy images.    Get in close, take some up close images of your favourite decorations and ornaments. If possible use a remote / cable release, if you don’t have one, set the timer on your camera to avoid even the slightest mov

The Importance of Having Quality Images on Your Website and Social Media Pages

In an age of visual culture and  social media consumption, high  quality images aren't a luxury, they're a necessity for attracting  potential clients. People often overlook their use of images on their site. Is the risk worth it? Users decide if they'll stay on a site within the first 10-20 seconds.   What can you do to improve engagement?    1. If you have an online store or website you need to include high definition images that drive higher engagement and sales. 2. If you use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter as an important part of your social media marketing strategy then you need to include photos in your updates and not just text and links. There are 2 essential things to keep in mind when it comes to    adding images to your website or Social Media accounts:     1. Images must be high quality     2. Images must be relevant to your content   Now that you have a grasp on why it is so  important to include a good quality im