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With the advances in technology and the internet, it has become increasingly easier to sell products, such as, t-shirts, mugs and other easily made products from your home. Some people think that you can just search for images on Google, download them and add it to your products to start making money or part of your corporate branding.  In most cases this is ILLEGAL! You would most likely be breaking copyright and/or trademark laws. Let's face it, artists deserve to be paid for their creations and photography. You wouldn't want to give away your products for free and they shouldn't have to either.

In order to be sure you are not breaking any copyright/trademark laws:

1. Source a reputable image provider that works with artists and pays them a royalty for you. Check out these sites for affordable licensing and subscription/individual image pricing options:


2. Contact image providers and be very clear in what your usage will be, how your products will be made and how it will be distributed. (in some cases they will have the information on subscriptions needed, for your use, right on their websites)

3. Make sure you are choosing the correct licensing subscription for your use and how long you will need to be covered for. You can often choose from individual image purchases to one or two year subscriptions.

Once you have the correct licensing needed for your projects, you can start creating fabulous gifts, greeting cards and more.

Check out these popular vector image categories, available in many different vector file formats (SVG, EPS, WMF, PDF and AI) on These can be used in Cricut machines to cut paper, vinyl, fabric, craft foam, sticker paper, or for use with iron-on paper, sticker paper and more.

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