Marketing Content Ideas for November


It's important to keep a Marketing Calendar/Social Media Content Calendar. These are great tools for showing what marketing events, media campaigns and merchandising efforts are planned and for when.

November is an extremely busy time of year, as we prepare for the biggest holiday season and keeping a calendar to stay organized will be helpful to you and your team.

Finding and creating content is not always easy, so we’ve put together a list of monthly observances for November and hopefully a few of these will get your creative juices flowing.

Click on each November observance for images that will help with your campaigns:

Aviation History Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month


Military Family Appreciation Month

National Adoption Month

National Fun with Fondue Month

National Georgia Pecan Month

National Native American Heritage Month

National Family Literacy Month

National Novel Writing Month

National Peanut Butter Lovers Month

World Vegan Month

Special Dates in November:

Veterans Day / Remembrance Day -  November 11

Thanksgiving (USA) - November 28

Black Friday  - November 29



Larry E Heck said…
I am a free lance writer. I use your clipart to enhance the books I write. I am currently working on a travel guide that can use covered wagons in train, handcarts from the 1850s used by pioneers to pull across open lands, and other things related to the mid 1800s. I am also working on a fiction novel that has entire cities living underground in caves. That could use some cave clipart, sword fights, and so on. My website is if you care to see some of what I offer.
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