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DPI - Doesn't Really Matter

Sometimes people confuse  DPI (Dots Per Inch) and  PPI (Pixels Per Inch) When talking about the inking of prints DPI means Dots Per Inch. Just to make everyone confused DPI is also sometimes used to refer to Pixels Per Inch. To be technically correct we should really refer to resolution as PPI or px/inch or px/cm. The DPI of an image is not what makes the quality of a print. The resolution quality of an image is its pixels (megapixels). Here are some factors that effect the quality of an image: 1. The size (pixels) - higher is better 2. The quality of the recording device (like a camera’s optics and sensors) 3. The file format it is stored in 4. The technical proficiency of the photographer There can be many other factors. If the number of pixels do not change in image editing software, it really doesn’t matter what the DPI/PPI is set to. It won’t change the quality of the image. Some printers will only accept a resolution between 200 and 300 in order for it to