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What Was Popular in 2018

As we reach the end of January,
we start to think about how hard it is
to keep those well intended resolutions
and we also reflect on how 2018 went.

We have put together a little 
information about what 
was popular on 
in 2018.

One thing we can learn is our users aren’t just all about business! We’ve had a lot of fun image searches as well.

Retro styles and colors, 
Japanese Culture (Kawaii) 
and Eco-Conscious 
searches were popular 
among our clients.

Some search terms made us 
think our users were very 
hungry or that we have 
many business users 
that could be creating 
menus, advertisements, 
and other image content 
that will help make their 
businesses grow.

Although bright vivid colours are very popular, some other popular colour 
combinations for the year were:

Red and Gold
Black and Gold
Red and Black

Some search terms that made us chuckle:

Leaping Baby
Redneck Wedding 
Head up a$$
Leprechaun Puppy    
                ...and trust us, we had to search to see what they found! 

What's ah…