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Winter Blues

Stock Photo ID: #976352 Summer Dreaming It never fails, every February I start to really dream about summer, or at least warmer weather. In part, it could be because of all my social media feeds that are swamped with friends and family vacation pictures.   If I see one more image of someone's feet  with a pool or beach in the background .... Stock Photo ID: #527870 Stock Photo ID: #240867 I'm actually really happy for anyone who has been able to escape the "polar vortex" we recently had to deal with. Stock Photo ID: #1510254 I was never one for travelling in the winter. I'm more of a car-trip type of person, but as I get older and get more aches and pains, the thought of spending some time on a warm and breezy beach while everyone back home is freezing is becoming more and more appealing. Stock Photo ID: #471757   For now,  my "dreams" will be helping me beat the Winter Blues! All i

Advanced Keyword Search Features on

  Advanced Keyword Search Features on   1. Enter your keyword search in the search bar on In this example I will be using the keyword pie. 2. Choose the file type you would like. If you are only interested in clipart images you can choose just clipart from the drop down menu.     3. For more features click on the advanced search button. Here you can change things like: a) the amount of images found in your results. b) the orientation you are looking for (square, portrait or landscape). ... and more.     4. You can exclude a keyword that you don't want to be included in your search. I'm going to exclude "chart" so that I can try to eliminate any pie chart images. contains over 8 million royalty-free clipart images, photos, web graphics, animations, fonts and sounds. Subscribe today and receive access to this amazing