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Let's Talk About Vector Images

If you are just beginning to get creative with images or if you have ever had any graphic design work done for you, you have probably heard the term vector image. Digital art can be categorized in two main groups; vector images and raster images. Vector images are computer made with points, curves and lines. They are based on mathematical equations instead of designated amount of pixels. Vector images can be enlarged or zoomed in and there will never be blurred lines or jagged lines. The opposite is true for raster images, if you blow them up they will become pixelated. In the graphics world, vector images are what most logos, printed and published materials are created from. Clipart ID: #1091428 You don't have to be a graphic designer to create great looking logo's and images for your business, schools, or personal projects. Search for stock vector images on iCLIPART. Vector images can be used in software programs   like Adobe or Corel and usually have an